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Hitting All the Right Notes: Clayton Hutson

Clay Hutson always had a dream of being in the music business. He also liked the theater while growing up as well. He always wanted to combine the two and when he graduated from Central Michigan University. He was also determined to make it work on the business side of things as well. He earned a master’s degree in business from the Stephen M. Ross Scool of Business. Now he had to put the pieces together and make it work for himself. In an interview with which can be found here: Clayton talks about how he got into the business and how he became a success.

Clayton says that he had to make sure that he had plenty of experience in the music and business industries before he could go out on his own. He began by going on tour with several bands and made sure that he got his name out there. After a few years, he was able to make the jump and go into business for himself. He took a chance and it worked out for him.

Clayton says when it came to making money in the business it was not easy but he was lucky. He said he found good clients quickly and that really helped him get his business off of the ground. He says it was tough starting out because the economy wasn’t very good. He says that he trusted his instincts and was able to make money in a short length of time.

Clayton Hutson offers many services to his clients. He is the main producer of his shows and he makes sure that everything runs smoothly. Some of the services that his site offers are production management, production design, logistics management, stage management, monitor engineer, and rigging.

When it comes to running the business and his website Clayton Hutson wants to make absolutely sure that everything is accurate. If a potential client has questions the client can talk to him directly if necessary. He wants to make sure that every client is happy and satisfied with his work. Making good connections is what makes a company like his stand out from the crowd.

This is the career for Clayton Hutson. He knows how to make a good show and make clients happy. In an industry like this that is the name of the game. He is hitting all the right notes. Learn more: