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Greg Blatt Doesn’t Worry About Being Conventional

Greg Blatt has spent time as the CEO of Match Group and Tinder. He was also the CEO of IAC as well as the general counsel for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Blatt has learned a lot during his time as an attorney and business leader, and he shared some of his insights with IdeaMensch.

Conversations Are Always Better In Person

Greg Blatt prefers to have conversations in person because he feels like it’s easier to build relationships that way. However, he does concede that having meetings through video technology is a great way to talk to people if they can’t physically be in a room together. He says that it is preferable to talking on the phone because you can actually see who you are speaking with.

The BlackBerry Is Better Than the iPhone

Blatt said that he does enjoy what his iPhone can do, but he also thinks that the BlackBerry was the superior device. He told IdeaMensch that the iPhone has contributed to the degradation of the English language and the ability to use it properly.

He Doesn’t Really Bring Ideas to Life

As a leader, Greg Blatt understands that he doesn’t really bring ideas to life. Instead, he puts others in position to bring his ideas to life. Furthermore, an idea isn’t really worth pushing unless there is a consensus that it is the right one to pursue. To gain consensus, Blatt will ask his team as many questions as he can think of to ensure that an idea can eventually benefit the company in a tangible way.

About Greg Blatt

Greg Blatt was a writer up until the time he started working as general counsel for Martha Stewart’s company. He graduated from Colgate with an English degree before eventually moving on to Columbia to get his law degree.

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