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Eli Gerschkovitch: Canadian Beer Entrepreneur

Craft beers are one of the products of Canada, and the Canadians love to create their own beer which has a distinct taste and texture. They have been leveling up to their game, and have been competing with other countries who are also manufacturing beer, like Germany. The craft beer industry in Canada has grown to $9 billion in annual sales, and this figure is seen to go up as more Canadians patronize their own product. There are also a number of pubs in Canada serving their locally made craft beer, and one of the most famous pubs would be Steamworks Brew Pub, opened in 1995. Steamworks Brew Pub was founded by Eli Gerschkovitch, a striving entrepreneur who would have been a lawyer if he has not tasted the good, classic Belgian Beer.

Eli Gershkovitch beer

Eli Gerschkovitch was on a trip to Europe after he graduated from law school when he encountered their beers, and he had the idea of putting up a small business in Canada. This was the beginning of his entrepreneurial career, as the pub that he built became an instant hit (Vancouver Foods). Eli Gerschkovitch had stated that he never practiced his profession, but instead focused on the beer industry. From being a small pub, Steamworks Brew Pub has grown into a full-scale restaurant, offering its own manufactured beers to its patrons and has been expanding ever since. According to Eli Gerschkovitch, he wanted to create something tangible that is why he chose to become an entrepreneur. He stated that being a machine which creates something that can be felt is much more satisfying than being a lawyer. Although he has focused more on being a businessman, Eli Gerschkovitch is still using his profession especially when his restaurant goes into legal troubles. He stated that he is happy with how things are working for him, and just recently, Steamworks Brew Pub has begun selling its own manufactured beer to stores throughout Canada – it even go as far as the United States, Hong Kong, and some countries in Europe. The success of Steamworks Brew Pub is a testament of how dedicated and focused Eli Gerschkovitch can be.


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