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Cotemar’s Growth And Its Premier Services To The Oil And Gas Industry

Cotemar is a Mexican company that has heavily invested in the energy sector. It was established in 1979. Since inception, Cotemar has been expanding its operations. Presently, it is the leading provider of offshore service in the oil and gas industry. The company offers services to Petroleos Mexicanos oil and gas business. In 1979, Cotemar established itself as a corporation that offers services in two key areas, including accommodation and food services and specialized vessels. These services are available at the Campeche Bay. The corporation was the first to purchase specialized dive, personnel transportation, and maintenance vessels. In 1981, Cotemar strengthened its position as a leader in the market by introducing specialized vessels for transporting personnel and materials to its fleet.

In 1985, Cotemar acquired its initial rig and provided quality food and accommodation services. Subsequently, in 1988, Cotemar increased the number of its specialized personnel transportation fleet. The company grew its market presence in 1996. It accomplished this objective by expanding its services by transporting materials and personnel in addition to food services and accommodation. Additionally, Cotemar started to provide construction and maintenance services on 3 specialized vessels and 5 rigs at the same time.

In 2002, the company collaborated with Pemex to acquire its first rig, thus reaching its optimum oil production two years later. In 2012, Cotemar partnered with COSCO to launch the construction of two semi-submersible rigs. Later, maintenance vessels and a specialized crane to transport solid and liquid materials were added to the company’s assets. Following the introduction of the two semi-submersible rigs, Cotemar ventured into the onshore oil extraction in 2016.

Currently, Cotemar uses specialized vessels, which provide quality and safety services that meet the requirements and expectations of its clients. These services are offered through three strategic units that incorporate highly specialized services. The three divisions are Cotemar construction, engineering, maintenance, and modernization, Cotemar accommodation and food services, and Cotemar specialized maritime vessel services.

Under Cotemar’s construction, engineering and maintenance pillars, the company seeks to modernize its clients’ offshore rigs and processing centers right from installation to when operation starts. The accommodation and food service unit caters for the rigs operated by the company. Cotemar’s specialized marine vessel services seek to transport materials, personnel, and nourishment. The company has towing vessels and firefighting vessels.

Cotemar’s strength lies in its employees. It is guided by the values of integrity, humility, effectiveness, and innovation. The company engages in new business segments in the oil and gas industry where it continues to create innovative working strategies. Its fleet, which is equipped with modern technology, ensures that the production process is successful. Source: