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Sharon Prince Welcomes Carrie Mae Weems

Sharon Prince is the president and the chairperson of Grace Farms Foundation. Grace Farms is a privately-owned not-for-profit organization that was founded in 2009 to improve people’s lives through engagement with the community, faith, nature, arts and most importantly, justice. Just like its name, Grace farms has proved to be a home for grace and peace for people, since its establishment. This organization has received several awards for its contributions to social good, architecture and environmental sustainability. Sharon prince took part in symposium Reimagining the Metropolis and she was appointed to the AIA Awards for the architecture jury.

Sharon has dedicated life to fighting, human trafficking, child abuse, and violence against children and women in the world. In the year 2016, she collaborated with the United Nations University to host a convening. The theme was Fighting Human Trafficking and Conflict. This then resulted in a publication in the UNs Security Council and United Nations Resolution 2331 in December. Under the leadership of Sharon Prince Grace Farms, this organization is rapidly growing.

Sharon recently welcomed Carrie Mae Weems, an influential American artist, in Grace Farms. She is present in different spaces as a mother and lover of her Kitchen Table Series or, clearly tells us a more about her. She performed at ‘Past Tense’ in grace farm, where she skillfully created a space in people’s minds to consider race, violence, injustice, and inequality. Through her powerful voice and help from other artists, she asked people to consider the relentless violence and injustices in society today.

She used words, images, and texts to take all those who attended the event through violent past and brought them to the possibility of human extinction. She also asked them to stop violence and consider the value of one’s life. At the end of the day, Weems left space for hope. Weems is hopeful that change is achievable and necessary.

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Isabel dos Santos: Seeking a Bright Future for Women of Africa

Isabel dos Santos is a successful businesswoman and the first daughter of the previous president of Angola, Jose Eduardo. She garnered her investments from initial positions she held as a business professional at Sonangol, a prestigious oil company in Angola. She made her way into male-dominated sectors such as finance, energy, retail, and telecommunications. Over the years, she also delved into philanthropic work where she has been supporting the advancement of women’s careers in her continent. She encourages African business professionals to share knowledge among themselves and learn how to invest in technology as a mean of growing their careers and businesses. In most of her interviews, Isabel dos Santos insists that becoming successful in an industry full of men is challenging. In Africa, especially women employed in any sector understand the challenges involved in finding an executive position.

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Angola é um país lindo, sem igual 🙏🏾 Pôr o pé na nossa terra e olhar em volta cada paisagem é sempre uma bênção. Hoje começa em Luanda o Fórum Mundial do Turismo. Esta é mais uma área com um potencial de crescimento enorme no nosso país. Nós no BFA apoiamos o Turismo em Angola. Este é o nosso empenho, de quem acredita que o Turismo é uma das soluções para o desenvolvimento das nossas regiões, comunidades, negócios e assim se criam empregos e se gera valor para Angola. Basta olhar aqui para a beleza da Fenda da Tundavala… 😍🇦🇴 #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Turismo #Angola #Futuro #BFA Angola is a beautiful country, unique 🙏🏾 Setting foot on our land and looking around each landscape is always a blessing. Today, the World Tourism Forum takes place in Luanda. This is another area with tremendous growth potential in our country. We at BFA support Tourism in Angola. This is our commitment, from those who believe that Tourism is one of the solutions for the development of our regions, communities, businesses and thus create jobs and generate value for Angola. Just take a look at the beauty of Tundavala Gap … 😍🇦🇴

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Discrimination is a real concern. Even at the height of her career, Isabel dos Santos noticed that her opinions were second-guessed. You’d think being a woman makes one incapable of landing deals and negotiating for better pay. People have often marred her success by prejudice. However, the hardships encouraged her to be better at everything she does. She has also been driven to invest in philanthropy by ensuring that female business professionals in her sector are motivated to pursue education. Her pursuits in this line have encouraged her colleagues and entrepreneurs from Africa to take up leadership positions in supporting young women to invest in small businesses while advancing their careers. Consequently, Isabel dos Santos holds various mentoring sessions attended by young African women, in her native land of Angola, to implore them to take executive roles in the industry. Isabel dos Santos thinks that they shouldn’t only pursue education but seek to have better lives by devoting to their work.

Isabel was raised in Baku, Azerbaijan. She attended King’s College and studied electrical engineering. She then joined her father in running a business at Luanda before establishing her first business. Isabel has always been fascinated by technology. Therefore, she adapted to the use of walkie-talkie in running one of her companies in Angola.

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The procurement of the basic supplies needed to run a business is one of the most important but also time consuming and inefficient processes that companies face today. This is due to the fact that it has generally been necessary to deal with a multitude of different vendors in order to acquire all of the different supplies that are needed in order to ensure that a business operation is running smoothly. This is typically quite inefficient and not really cost effective at all. There has recently been some good news for businesses in China that will help to change this and it is news that is being brought by, the countries number one retailing operation.

As a company that is known for helping out the business community of China, this latest move on the part of is no surprise. is seeking to eliminate the need for developing a long list of business relationships with different suppliers when it comes to the procurement process. The process will now be simplified by’s new initiative that will allow business customers to access all of the products that they need to procure through the platform that the company will make available. This new program is designed to add a new level of transparency to the procurement process in an effort to make it a much simpler and more cost-effective affair.

Offering these kinds of services to China’s business sector is nothing new for the team at The leading retailer in China has been offering up a host of valuable services for some time and allowing the business community of China to take advantage of its impressive and highly advanced system of logistics and supply. Currently, the retailing giant is involved with a large number of businesses of all sizes. This new program is the latest benefit that the business community of China can take advantage of in order to run their operations better. Leveraging the immense capabilities of has proven to be of great benefit to businesses of all sizes across the entire country of China.

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Mark Holyoake is a private equity investor expert. He is not only an international commercial investor but also a residential property investor. Mark’s field of expertise lays in the food sectors, where he holds significant shares in the global seafood industry. Oakvest Holdings, a company that specializes in real estate investments and private equity investments, belongs to Mark Holyoake. Mark has been around the Global seafood industry for years and is an experienced seafood investor. In the past, he has worked as the director of many seafood companies and has even gone as far as owning most of the companies. Mark has the aim of penetrating the European seafood industry through Oakvest Holdings. He holds a degree in business.

After the success of Iceland Seafood International, Mark Holyoake got the idea to open Oakvest Holdings. Iceland Seafood International was experiencing an economic crisis in 2010 after Iceland’s collapse in banking. Mark saw the opportunity to invest in Iceland at the time while it was still unstable economically, and prices were low. With his expertise and support from his team, Mark brought Iceland Seafood International back on its feet and in no time, it was a prominent seafood company again. With the current fluctuations in the economic and political scenes in Europe, Mark Holyoake sees another investment opportunity. He believes that he can build another powerhouse in Europe with the right business and growth strategies.

Mark works closely with his team to bring ideas to life. Ensuring that they are all on the same page and have the same goals in mind is a top priority for him as it ensures they work diligently and professionally. Getting to know more about people and discussing different ideas with them is what makes Mark Holyoake remain relevant in business. He loves listening to other people’s point of view and asking for their opinions on different matters.

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Wes Edens Focus on International Sports

Wes Edens is one of Fortress Investment Group Principles. Within the sports world, he has showcased his prowess becoming one of the famous figures. He has co-owned the Milwaukee Bucks which has been one of the best in the U.S alongside other principles. Through his leadership, the bucks have transformed some of the most competitive teams in the U.S. Over the years the bucks have been set to create a world-class arena where they can hold some of their matches. The bucks have the capacity of accommodating thousands of visitors while seated. Therefore, he has been one of the businessmen in the U.S to succeed in sports.

Edens is today focusing on international competitions. Consequently, he has purchased shares in some of the developing teams in England. The England Premier League has been one of the most coveted arenas sports league in the world. It has nurtured top-world soccer players such as Christiano Ronaldo and David Beckham. Investors such as Wes Edens have purchased some of these teams some the most lucrative teams leading them to the top of the league. He purchased Aston Villa Football Club which currently in the England Champions League.

Today, the team is eyeing for a position in the England premier league. In this league, the best teams can compete for the top jobs thus participating in higher leagues such as UEFA Championship and Europa league. Therefore, any team in this place must be able to maintain a top position thus supporting in the group. Due to the prominence of the league, just 20 clubs are allowed to participate in the competition. However, it’s always dynamic as many teams are pulled out after every year due to poor performance as they replace them with new ones.

This method has therefore pushed teams to remain consistent in their performance. As Aston Villa continues to pursue their gals to reaching to this level, Wes Edens has been their supporter. He sees to bring the best out of the team through stakeholder management and hiring the best soccer layers from other organizations. Today, Wes Edens has invested in other companies among other people in the business. Fortress Investment Group is one of them which is America Leading company in the management of hedge funds.

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Sheldon Lavin, the Hands behind the Success of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin can only be described as one of the most persistent and focused business personalities the world has ever had. Lavin started in the food industry about four and a half decades ago. Before venturing into the food processing industry, Lavin worked in the finance sector. He had a successful career in the industry and owned a financial company.

Sheldon Lavin’s stint in the food industry began in 1970 when financed the then financially distressed Otto & Sons. Later on, he joined the company as a partner. Under the visionary leadership of Lavin, Otto & Sons transformed into OSI Group.

After a few years of dedication and hard work, the veteran entrepreneur was able to spearhead the growth of OSI from a small domestic food producer to a robust international corporate body. Today, OSI Group has a significant presence in America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Additionally, the company has several subsidiaries including OSI Industries, OSI International Foods, and OSI International. The latter is the parent company for all the Groups international investments.

Currently, Sheldon Lavin is the President of OSI International. His primary role as the president involves overseeing the Group’s international expansion. Additionally, Lavin also acts as the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group. Under his leadership, OSI has expanded into China, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Spain, the United Kingdom, and many other countries.

Sheldon Lavin has also led the OSI Group to make major strategic acquisitions around the world. Such major acquisitions include the purchase of Roy Mark, a leading chicken products processing company. Later on, OSI also acquired Dove Valley and GW Padley Poultry to increase its capacity to satisfy a rapidly growing demand for its poultry products. Other acquisitions include Amick Farms, Baho Foods, Flagship Europe, and Weihai Poultry Development Co. in China.

Today, Sheldon Lavin is still dedicated towards further expansion of the company. According to him, the long journey towards prosperity is a testimony of selfless sacrifice and the desire to succeed. He is happy that OSI has circled the globe and is now the leading supplier of value-added protein foods and other delicacies in the world.

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Reasons why Sam Sotoodeh is a Trendsetter in the Investment World

News & Observer Building has dominated the property market news for the past 24 months. Although the building was “perceived” to be pricey by the local investors, the recent change of ownership under $22 million deal was phenomenal. The Acquisition Group made the final purchase after several attempts of acquiring the building becoming futile. The consistent in the company was a perfect illustration of the company’s nickname-patient investors.

What does this transaction say about Acquisition Group and Sam Sotoodeh (the company president)? First, Sotoodeh is one of the most determined investors. Although there was no sign of the deal going through, he was persistent enough. He applies this same approach in all his dealings whether he is on real estate or in securities investments deals. Second, Sam Sotoodeh is one of the best negotiators in the investment industry. Employing his negotiation skills to close the News & Observer Building deal was not a typical achievement.

Apart from being an exceptional real estate guru, Sam Sotoodeh has been instrumental in some of the high profile acquisitions in the last 36 months. The reasons why most big companies trust Acquisition Group in their transactions is because apart from being knowledgeable on international business dynamics, he (Sotoodeh) has a big personality. An example of a high profile deal was in the recent Raleigh negotiations.

What makes Sam Sotoodeh such as exceptional businessperson? There are three main contributors to Sotoodeh proficiency. His educational background, experience, and his strong personality are his best tools. As an alumnus of the famous California State University and later Cornell University, Sotoodeh was exposed to the best educational foundation especially in the world of Economics. He can read investment trends purely on the economic perspective.

Although an excellent educational background is vital for a successful career in investment, personality and experience are more important. Being a president of the investment company, his ability to employ his strong personality during negotiations makes him stand out. The Acquisition Group continues to make significant closures in the investment world purely on Sam Sotoodeh strong personality.

Besides, his experience in the world of investment has made him broaden his investment niche to other fast-growing areas. Currently, he has vast interests in arbitrage, oil and gas business, and securities investments markets.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong Turned Defeat Into Victory

Richard Liu Qiangdong is one of the most influential persons in China today. However, his success is not a series of victories but rather a sequence of defeats and rising above them. One of the largest online retail stores in China, JingDong or was founded after Richard experienced defeat. We learned more about the details of this inspiring story of how was founded during Richard Liu Qiangdong’s interview at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland.

Richard, the current chief executive officer of is an inspiring one. It is about making use of your failure, learning from them, and transforming them into stepping stones for your success. In the interview, he shared that he first decided to venture into the business when he needed extra money.

Richard shared that his family is poor and his parents’ business is just moving products from north to south of China. His grandmother’s worsening condition was his motivation to try business in the food industry. He needed money to pay the bills and expenses for his grandmother’s treatment.

His first business failed since he only spent 2 hours every on it. But he never gave up and continued with his passion for entrepreneurship. In 1998, Richard Liu Qiangdong founded a retail store in Beijing. He named it JingDong coined after his ex-girlfriend’s name and his family name.

Amidst tight competition, Richard only sold genuine, exclusive, and high-quality products. Chinese consumers appreciate this; JingDong expanded and opened 12 more stores all over China. But Richard’s success was rather temporal because SARS epidemic happened in China.

People were afraid to leave their houses or go out to avoid getting lethal respiratory disease. This forced Richard to close down 12 stores. However, people’s attitude of not leaving their houses inspired him to offer his brick and mortar business in a different venue—online. This is the birth of

Aside from computer products, he introduced other products like cellphones, computer parts, and accessories. Now offers more than one billion different products. It even offers exclusive fashion and beauty products to its consumers. Several years ago Forbes reported that’s net value is around $60 million while Richard Liu Qiangdong has a net worth of $7.3 billion.

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The life of Richard Liu in business

Richard Liu is the founder and CEO of He has worked with this organization since 2004 when it was formed. Over the years, he has proved his capabilities as a business person by building this company from scratch and making it one of the most successful in the world. In a recent interview at the World Economic Forum, Liu talked about this business from how it was formed to now that it is one of the most successful in the world.

Richard Liu was born in Jiangsu province, China. His parents owned a coal-shipping business that gave them little money. They could not give their son the life he would have wanted, but Liu was determined to build his own successful career. They showed him the value of quality education since they believed it was the only way through which he would accomplish his childhood dreams. Richard Liu attended the People’s University of China from where he graduated with a degree in sociology. After university, he found a job with Japan Life, a company that sold health products.

In 1998, Richard Liu started his entrepreneurial journey. He was determined to become a successful businessman, and therefore he had to do what other business people were not doing at the time. He began by setting up one store that sold computer accessories. In five years, he had expanded his business to include 12 stores spread out within Beijing.

Into 2004, there was an outbreak of SARS, an epidemic that made employees and customers remain home-bound. As a result, small businesses such as the one owned by Richard Liu suffered the most. When the businesses remained closed, Richard Liu decided to explore a different means of running his business. It is at this time when he liaised with his managers so that they could come with a solution that would ensure the business remained operational even as times of such challenges if it ever occurred again. It is at this time that he settled on e-commerce business as the solution. Richard Liu is now a globally respected business person who is aiming at building the largest retail business in the world.

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NewsWatch TV Testimonial, Review and Impression

Recently, I was looking for some more information on SteelSeries who makes headphones, gaming accessories and the like, and I stumbled across a testimonial that they did after working with NewsWatch. I had never heard of NewsWatch before, so I clicked through the site, and if you haven’t been watching or subscribing to them, you’re going to want to start. First, anyone with a desire to get their business or product out there to the community can really benefit from partnering with and appearing on their daily news show. SteelSeries reps say in their testimonial video that the NewsWatch team was 100% on the ball when it came to capturing their vision with their product informational videos and that they were able to use some of them later to boost awareness on other venues.


As a consumer, though, NewsWatch is literally a one stop shop for all the entertainment, tech, and business news you could be looking for in a morning news show without any of the lame content your local news station tries to put on. They have several different segments ranging from newest and hottest apps to trade shows and even consumer updates. All of it is presented in a modern and upbeat format that doesn’t drag and can be quite entertaining. They even put up a lot of great information from public non-profits that may be involved in your community.


I had no idea, but NewsWatch has been on the air for nearly 30 years! They started in 1990 and just recently aired their 1,000th episode. They have a ton of well-known celebrities on air with them, as well. There is never a want to see something that will interest you if you spend your morning with NewsWatch, so I suggest you check it out tomorrow morning! They air on all ION and AMC stations during the “morning news hour,” somewhere around 7:00 AM.