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Bennett Graebner is a renowned television producer most notable for his work on ABC’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. He was born in Buffalo, New York in 1971. Early in his collegiate life, the film director attended Vassar College as an English major where he was a member of Phi Beta Kappa national honor society. Bennett attended USC where he attended their School of Cinematic Arts and studied film production. 

After college, Bennett Graebner ventured into many small roles in film production work including being a production assistant, grip and cinematographer. In today’s article, we will discuss how he became one of today’s successful television producers and we will discuss how his schooling and early roles were instrumental in his producing career. 

Graebner is one of the few producers who understands the flow of the stories that he creates on the screen. Bennett specialized in reality tv shows, he ensures that his stories flow and make sense for the audience rather than creating unnecessary drama for the sake of viewer ratings. His previous experiences enable him to know how to deal with all facets of the production set and has helped him be a better leader on the set as he understands the production from all different angles. 

Film school was a key part of Bennett’s success and school paved the way for him to meet others and to create long-lasting relationships. Although, some successful producers never attend film school, Bennett’s success exemplifies that film school is all worth the time and money invested. It is in film school where Bennett developed most of his basic skill sets that he uses today (Imdb). 

As you can see, Bennett Graebner is one of the producers who has benefited from film school and early production roles. He has put in hard work and effort to become one of today’s top television producers. Bennett has been married to his wife Vanessa Aberman since 2003 and they have two children. They currently reside in Los Angeles.


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Todd Levine Is Renowned In His Field Of Law

As an attorney in Florida, Todd Levine has become one of the most esteemed people in his particular field of law, which is complex commercial litigation. By doing this, he no longer has to find clients and instead, they are referred to him by people he has worked with in the past. Becoming known for a particular set of skill in the legal field is something that Todd Levine wishes he would have done earlier in his career as an attorney. Once you have established yourself, clients will be asking for your guidance. Specializing in one certain area can also help you be prepared for what ends up happening in court and beyond as you will be highly familiar with that particular area of law.

While Todd Levine is successful, he is not too proud to admit that he has failed before. When he was a younger attorney, he did not appreciate how many unexpected things that he would come across. Over the years, he learned that he had to try to predict what may come next before getting into legal arguments with someone. By learning to plan ahead, Todd Levine is better able to come up with creative solutions and he is able to think on his feet better. Sometimes failing can’t be avoided, but it’s something that can be learned from if you try and look at where you need improvements.

The work that Todd Levine does an attorney is something that speaks for itself which is why so many of is clients refer people to his practice for their own issues that they are facing with complex commercial litigation. Responding to his clients quickly makes them realize just how important they are to his practice. After all, without them, his practice would fail immediately. He states that he truly cares about his clients as an attorney. His philosophy in business is that his clients always are the one that comes first before anything or anyone else. Preparedness and taking care of your clients are both vital in any part of the law, but especially in complex cases like those he works with.

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In-depth with CEO & Investor Mark Holyoake

Mark Holyoake is considered to be one of the most respected and revered investors in the world. Mr.Holyoake has had decades of experience n, t only investing in companies but leading them as a CEO or consultant. As a prominent figure in the food industry, it was to no one’s surprise that he found an interesting in Iceland’s most established seafood company, ISI, or Iceland Seafood International. Although many informed Mr.Holyoake of the risks of taking on a failing seafood company in addition to an economy in crisis, he nevertheless pushed forward with his vision. We recently sat down with Mark Holyoake to go a little more in-depth about this investment as well as other aspects of his career.

What led you to invest in a company that many stayed away from?

Mark Holyoake states that although he did understand the risks involved in investing into ISI, he also saw the potential of success if he was able to implement not only a long-term plan but also create collaboration with other figures in the seafood industry such as distributors and factory operators. Through this collaborative effort as well as his implementation of a long-term plan, ISI has managed to create multiple year profits for the better part of a decade now.

How do you make your ideas come to life?

Mark Holyoake explains that the best ideas are those that can be examined by multiple people. Mr.Holyoake encourages collaboration in order to have people who have a shared belief contribute to the idea. In addition, this also increases moral within your team as no one wants to work on a project that they have zero passion for. Mr.Holyoake concludes by saying that within his time as a CEO, he has learned that although his title calls on him to lead, it is paramount to also include others in the process.

As a CEO, what do you do to ensure success?

Mark Holyoake states that one of the most important things a CEO or leader can do is surround themselves with people who share his values and that he can trust. In business, Mr.Holyoake adds, it is vital to align oneself with people who share a common goal for not only themselves but the company as a whole.

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Sheldon Lavin is committed to Innovation at OSI Group

OSI Group is one of the largest food production companies in the world. A recent report by Forbes indicated that OSI is one of the top 100 successful private businesses in the United States with a net worth of more than $6 billion. The company is also working on taking its business operations to as many parts of the world as possible. In the past three years, there has been a renewed push to see the company deliver its food products to a more extensive section of the global population.

Behind the operations of OSI Group is Sheldon Lavin, a seasoned business executive who has worked with this company since 1975. His knowledge and experience have proven vital for the growth recorded at OSI Group since the day he joined its management.

Initially, he worked as an investment and financial adviser to OSI Group while he was still working in the banking sector. After helping this food company to get through the financial hurdles it was facing at the time, its owners invited him to join them in the management. At first, he was an ordinary managing partner but later rose to the position of chairman and CEO, a position he holds to date.

One thing that Sheldon Lavin possesses is the ability to spot excellent opportunities in the market and move in quickly to fill them. When he joined OSI Group, he was quick to adopt measures that drove the company away from being a one-client business. Sheldon Lavin found that status to be very risky because it meant if anything were to happen to the client, OSI would also face the same consequences. Over time, he brought many other clients, making OSI a stable and independent food company.

Sheldon Lavin has also shown commitment to innovation. Since the 1960s, OSI Group has always taken a leading role in the adoption of new technologies. This way, the company has managed to stay ahead of its competitors easily.

To boost innovation works in the company, Sheldon Lavin has established research and development centers where new ideas are brought to life. Among the products coming out of these centers are modern and advanced sustainable food production methods.

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Mark Holyoake on Developing a Thick Skin

Individuals like Mark Holyoake are what provides the people of this world with a sustainable reason for living. While many people are not totally aware of the work he does, they are certainly impacted by the significance of it, even if they are not aware of it. Mark Holyoake is an international business figure, and it is because he is so devoted to his craft that he has been able to maintain a proper career for so long.

He believes that people like him will ultimately be able to make the difference in determining whether the people of this world have a fair existence. Because he is in such a position of power, he frequently feels nervous about the decisions he has to make on a daily basis. That being said, however, he knows that these fears must be faced head on. Mark Holyoake’s entire life is centered around the value of facing that which scares you, and if we are unable to continue that trend every day, then we will likely lose touch with the most human aspect of our characters.

This is something that Mark Holyoake fears deeply, and since he has shown to be so passionate about the Icelandic seafood industry, he has been given an opportunity to be the CEO of Icelandic Seafood International, which is easily the single most powerful seafood company in the whole country. Because Mark Holyoake has access to so much influence, he knows that every decision he makes can have grave ramifications, and because he possesses the knowledge to deal with this reality.

He tends to be perfectly equipped to face the struggles of everyday life in business. He has developed a thick skin being in the public eye for so many years, and he believes this is one of the most important factors to success.

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Tim Ioannides Has A Passion For Caring For His Patients

Tim Ioannides got interested in medical dermatology during his residency at the University of Miami School of Medicine. He learned a lot about cosmetic procedures there and knew that he wanted to do more than cosmetic work. He wanted to make a real impact for those who needed work done for medical purposes and he became passionate about that.

He decided that he would like to start his own practice based around what he wanted to do, and when he started Treasure Coast Dermatology, it was with the hope that he would eventually be able to focus solely on those who needed medical procedures done.

Tim Ioannides has been running his own practice for over a decade and a half, and he is board certified. He always makes sure to surround himself with a great staff so that everyone at his practice has the same compassion for those who they are serving and a passion for the medical practices that they are doing. He doesn’t believe in using electronic medical records but prefers to keep everything as simple as can be in his office.

Tim Ioannides cares about his patients and tries to connect with each of them on a personal level so that he can give them the good care that they need. Tim Ioannide tries to help them feel less anxious, and he is always trying to come up with the best solutions to every health problem that a patient is facing so he can give them good care.

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Sharon Prince Welcomes Carrie Mae Weems

Sharon Prince is the president and the chairperson of Grace Farms Foundation. Grace Farms is a privately-owned not-for-profit organization that was founded in 2009 to improve people’s lives through engagement with the community, faith, nature, arts and most importantly, justice. Just like its name, Grace farms has proved to be a home for grace and peace for people, since its establishment. This organization has received several awards for its contributions to social good, architecture and environmental sustainability. Sharon prince took part in symposium Reimagining the Metropolis and she was appointed to the AIA Awards for the architecture jury.

Sharon has dedicated life to fighting, human trafficking, child abuse, and violence against children and women in the world. In the year 2016, she collaborated with the United Nations University to host a convening. The theme was Fighting Human Trafficking and Conflict. This then resulted in a publication in the UNs Security Council and United Nations Resolution 2331 in December. Under the leadership of Sharon Prince Grace Farms, this organization is rapidly growing.

Sharon recently welcomed Carrie Mae Weems, an influential American artist, in Grace Farms. She is present in different spaces as a mother and lover of her Kitchen Table Series or, clearly tells us a more about her. She performed at ‘Past Tense’ in grace farm, where she skillfully created a space in people’s minds to consider race, violence, injustice, and inequality. Through her powerful voice and help from other artists, she asked people to consider the relentless violence and injustices in society today.

She used words, images, and texts to take all those who attended the event through violent past and brought them to the possibility of human extinction. She also asked them to stop violence and consider the value of one’s life. At the end of the day, Weems left space for hope. Weems is hopeful that change is achievable and necessary.

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Isabel dos Santos: Seeking a Bright Future for Women of Africa

Isabel dos Santos is a successful businesswoman and the first daughter of the previous president of Angola, Jose Eduardo. She garnered her investments from initial positions she held as a business professional at Sonangol, a prestigious oil company in Angola. She made her way into male-dominated sectors such as finance, energy, retail, and telecommunications. Over the years, she also delved into philanthropic work where she has been supporting the advancement of women’s careers in her continent. She encourages African business professionals to share knowledge among themselves and learn how to invest in technology as a mean of growing their careers and businesses. In most of her interviews, Isabel dos Santos insists that becoming successful in an industry full of men is challenging. In Africa, especially women employed in any sector understand the challenges involved in finding an executive position.

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Angola é um país lindo, sem igual 🙏🏾 Pôr o pé na nossa terra e olhar em volta cada paisagem é sempre uma bênção. Hoje começa em Luanda o Fórum Mundial do Turismo. Esta é mais uma área com um potencial de crescimento enorme no nosso país. Nós no BFA apoiamos o Turismo em Angola. Este é o nosso empenho, de quem acredita que o Turismo é uma das soluções para o desenvolvimento das nossas regiões, comunidades, negócios e assim se criam empregos e se gera valor para Angola. Basta olhar aqui para a beleza da Fenda da Tundavala… 😍🇦🇴 #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Turismo #Angola #Futuro #BFA Angola is a beautiful country, unique 🙏🏾 Setting foot on our land and looking around each landscape is always a blessing. Today, the World Tourism Forum takes place in Luanda. This is another area with tremendous growth potential in our country. We at BFA support Tourism in Angola. This is our commitment, from those who believe that Tourism is one of the solutions for the development of our regions, communities, businesses and thus create jobs and generate value for Angola. Just take a look at the beauty of Tundavala Gap … 😍🇦🇴

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Discrimination is a real concern. Even at the height of her career, Isabel dos Santos noticed that her opinions were second-guessed. You’d think being a woman makes one incapable of landing deals and negotiating for better pay. People have often marred her success by prejudice. However, the hardships encouraged her to be better at everything she does. She has also been driven to invest in philanthropy by ensuring that female business professionals in her sector are motivated to pursue education. Her pursuits in this line have encouraged her colleagues and entrepreneurs from Africa to take up leadership positions in supporting young women to invest in small businesses while advancing their careers. Consequently, Isabel dos Santos holds various mentoring sessions attended by young African women, in her native land of Angola, to implore them to take executive roles in the industry. Isabel dos Santos thinks that they shouldn’t only pursue education but seek to have better lives by devoting to their work.

Isabel was raised in Baku, Azerbaijan. She attended King’s College and studied electrical engineering. She then joined her father in running a business at Luanda before establishing her first business. Isabel has always been fascinated by technology. Therefore, she adapted to the use of walkie-talkie in running one of her companies in Angola.

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The procurement of the basic supplies needed to run a business is one of the most important but also time consuming and inefficient processes that companies face today. This is due to the fact that it has generally been necessary to deal with a multitude of different vendors in order to acquire all of the different supplies that are needed in order to ensure that a business operation is running smoothly. This is typically quite inefficient and not really cost effective at all. There has recently been some good news for businesses in China that will help to change this and it is news that is being brought by, the countries number one retailing operation.

As a company that is known for helping out the business community of China, this latest move on the part of is no surprise. is seeking to eliminate the need for developing a long list of business relationships with different suppliers when it comes to the procurement process. The process will now be simplified by’s new initiative that will allow business customers to access all of the products that they need to procure through the platform that the company will make available. This new program is designed to add a new level of transparency to the procurement process in an effort to make it a much simpler and more cost-effective affair.

Offering these kinds of services to China’s business sector is nothing new for the team at The leading retailer in China has been offering up a host of valuable services for some time and allowing the business community of China to take advantage of its impressive and highly advanced system of logistics and supply. Currently, the retailing giant is involved with a large number of businesses of all sizes. This new program is the latest benefit that the business community of China can take advantage of in order to run their operations better. Leveraging the immense capabilities of has proven to be of great benefit to businesses of all sizes across the entire country of China.

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Mark Holyoake is a private equity investor expert. He is not only an international commercial investor but also a residential property investor. Mark’s field of expertise lays in the food sectors, where he holds significant shares in the global seafood industry. Oakvest Holdings, a company that specializes in real estate investments and private equity investments, belongs to Mark Holyoake. Mark has been around the Global seafood industry for years and is an experienced seafood investor. In the past, he has worked as the director of many seafood companies and has even gone as far as owning most of the companies. Mark has the aim of penetrating the European seafood industry through Oakvest Holdings. He holds a degree in business.

After the success of Iceland Seafood International, Mark Holyoake got the idea to open Oakvest Holdings. Iceland Seafood International was experiencing an economic crisis in 2010 after Iceland’s collapse in banking. Mark saw the opportunity to invest in Iceland at the time while it was still unstable economically, and prices were low. With his expertise and support from his team, Mark brought Iceland Seafood International back on its feet and in no time, it was a prominent seafood company again. With the current fluctuations in the economic and political scenes in Europe, Mark Holyoake sees another investment opportunity. He believes that he can build another powerhouse in Europe with the right business and growth strategies.

Mark works closely with his team to bring ideas to life. Ensuring that they are all on the same page and have the same goals in mind is a top priority for him as it ensures they work diligently and professionally. Getting to know more about people and discussing different ideas with them is what makes Mark Holyoake remain relevant in business. He loves listening to other people’s point of view and asking for their opinions on different matters.

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