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Rodrigo Terpins Wins Big In Rally Driving

Rallying is not an easy sport to participate in. From the harsh and rugged landscape to the challenges that come with the machine breakdown, the sport has its challenges. For an average person, it is not as easy as one plus two. In fact, without practice, commitment and resilience, it is impossible to succeed in rallying. That explains why Rodrigo Terpins has a massive base of followers for fans. The Brazilian rally driver has been trending for years, thanks to his commitment to the ever-transforming sport.


Rodrigo Terpins is fondly applauded for his success in rallying. Perhaps his character has massively contributed to this success story. Terpins is the son of the famous Jack Terpins. Jack loved basketball and was a huge part of the game in the 70s. Rodrigo’s commitment and resilience in rallying come from his father, Jack Terpins. These traits have contributed to his success. He keeps showcasing unmatched teamwork and management when he is on the terrain. Assisted by his partner, Fabricio, Rodrigo Terpins is a huge team participant whose company can be enjoyed. Aside from that, there is the factor of being in charge of the car that is used for rallying.


Terpins is a proud member of the famous Bull Sertoes, a rallying team. He calls the shots in this team. This is because his performance is outstanding. With Fabricio, they make an exciting team that keeps masses glued to the rallying events. The duo has managed to record an incredible track record of excellent performance. Such performance was witnessed in August 2014 when the duo landed the eighth position in the 22nd edition rally. Being a race with seven stages and 38 participants to beat, Rodrigo did well. He was also surprised by his performance. Offering a speech about it, he stated that the competition was tough, but he managed to emerge position eight.


Terpins’ performance reflects teamwork, persistence, dedication, and resilience. For a role model, he is doing well. Most rally drivers prospects can look up to him for inspiration. With Fabricio, they make a strong team that can survive tough rallying, terrains. Follow him on Facebook to know more.