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Buckeye State’s Kisling, Nestico & Redick – An Example of Community Commitment

In July of 2019 Patch posted an online article “Kisling, Nestico & Redick Continues to Make a Difference in Ohio,” written by Sean Bubb. Bubb’s article highlights the law firm’s KNR cares program.¬†Kisling, Nestico & Redick is the philanthropic, community service arm for the personal injury law firm with offices in eleven Ohio cities.

The article reveals an impressive commitment to community. Before diving into the firm’s community involvement, the article takes a look at founding partner Rob Nestico’s impetus for a career in law. When 15 years old, Nestico was almost killed. A negligent driver nearly took his life. From that moment on Nestico vowed to serve victims of negligence. He also decided to take on the special interests that overlook the best interest of negligence victims. The article points out that Nestico’s law firm has remained committed to his conviction that negligence victims deserve more.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick Lawyers Receive Super Lawyers Status –¬†

The law firm’s commitment to Ohio children, beyond its clients, is then detailed. A moving, inspirational video was placed within the online article. The video serves as a snapshot of KNR Cares community outreach efforts. Among those efforts are a recent shopping spree the group organized. The event took 12 deserving Ohio children on a $3,000 shopping trip to a local Meijer store to pick out new clothes and shoes. The children were all part of a local Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

The Patch article shows that the law firm’s KNR Cares program is not a one and done effort. The group participates in charity and community outreach throughout the year. Among the activities that benefit Ohio children is a bike helmet giveaway, scholarships to college and a Polar Bear Plunge to raise funds for the Akron-Canton Food Bank.

Gary Kisling and Robert Redick started the law firm with Rob Nestico in 2005. For the last 14 years the company has won justice for Ohio victims. The law firm has grown from its three original founders to include more than 30 lawyers and nearly 100 support staff that assist in providing the best personal injury law service in The Buckeye State.

Betsy Devos – the US Education Secretary

Have you heard the news about Betsy DeVos? She’s currently campaigning for educational choice across the United States. Unfortunately, it’s been difficult to get past many of the misconceptions around educational choice. While it does allow students to pick their own schools and get out of failing school districts easily.


So what is the 11th US Education Secretary saying to her critics? She currently is working with multiple education leaders in several states to bring more educational choices to students in less fortunate areas. The problem has existed for many years, ever since Ronald Reagan came out with the American schools report in the 1980s. The report listened America’s students as having problems with reading comprehension and math skills. The issue persists today.


While part of the problem is that students must go to failing schools if they are zoned for them, the other issue is that students receive less funding at these failing schools because they aren’t achieving higher marks on standardized tests. Betsy DeVos isn’t a fan of standardized testing, but it’s not something she can change overnight.


However, educational choice can be an option for students who want to go into magnet programs or virtual school courses where they can learn subjects and skills that they are interested in. Currently, many students still have to go to the schools where they are zoned.


Another issue on the flip side is the idea that educational choice costs money from taxpayers. DeVos has said many times that educational choice doesn’t require public funding. In fact, philanthropy has supported educational choice for many years. There are a few large tech donors who also support educational choice, charter schools, and private schools.


Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are two of the donors on DeVos’ list who have supported her educational choice endeavors. In addition, she is touring the country in 2019 with First Lady Melanie Trump. They are visiting charter schools in several states to see how they have progressed in the past two years.


DeVos has also faced challenges with school safety. In 2018, after the Parkland shooting, many wondered what policies could be changed and also thought about training teachers to carry guns as well. DeVos wasn’t a fan of bringing more guns on campus as she expressed in her “60 Minutes” interview in 2018. However, since that time, teachers in several states have started to carry guns thanks to new laws.


While many policies have placed a new campus guard on public school properties, it’s clear that something must be working. There has been a decrease in gun violence across the United States.


Devos continues to fight for educational reform in the United States and has said that she places students as her first priority.


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Betsy DeVos Stands Tall Amidst Controversial Decision by President Trump

When Betsy DeVos first took her seat before the Senate, she was probably a little nervous. Since that moment in 2016, Betsy DeVos has turned into one of President Trump’s most reliable cabinet members. As his Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos has taken it upon herself to make sure that she stands for what she believes in. As an outsider to the traditional political world, Betsy DeVos has both the support of President Trump and his base, as well. With that being said, Betsy DeVos has never allowed herself to be anyone’s puppet. Donald Trump made the controversial decision to overturn federally mandated bathroom protections for transgendered students. Despite the popularity this move had with his base, Betsy DeVos stood tall in opposition. Why did Betsy DeVos feel compelled to fight President Trump at this moment?


One of President Trump’s leading chants throughout his ascension in the GOP has been his willingness to overturn Obama-era regulation. Despite Betsy DeVos operating a staunch conservative and GOP donor, she was unwilling to get behind President Trump’s decision. As the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos knew that it fell to her to fight for what was right for her students, even if it defied the expectations of her political party. Betsy DeVos spoke confidently in support of President Trump when in public, but behind closed doors, she made numerous arguments in order to sway the President. Betsy’s willingness to fight for what she believes in, at all cost, is what made her such an appealing hire for President Trump.


Despite Betsy DeVos’s willingness to go against President Trump, you should not confuse her for anything other than a staunch conservative. DeVos went to Calvin College in Michigan and it was there that she fell in love with the work of conservative economist, Milton Friedman. After graduating from college, Betsy DeVos would jump right into the field of advocacy. Over her entire adult life, Betsy DeVos has worked closely with families in order to fight for education reform that the average American can believe in. The driving force behind Betsy’s advocacy is the concept of school choice.


School choice was initially argued by the aforementioned Milton Friedman. Despite Friedman’s place in conservative America, he was never able to get school choice into the legislative arena. Betsy DeVos, however, has been able to rally mainstream conservatives toward the concept of school choice. In doing so, DeVos has established herself as someone who is able to do the impossible. Since Betsy DeVos began stumping for educational choice, the movement has exploded throughout the United States of America. Currently, more than a quarter of a million students are enrolled in privately owned, publicly funded facilities. States like Florida and Wisconsin have both already passed legislation in order to support these facilities. If Betsy DeVos continues to have such success at the federal level, we might be nearing the first meaningful stage of education reform in recent memory. However, Betsy DeVos and President Trump both know that their time may be short with the 2020 elections on the horizon.


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