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Betsy DeVos and Nonstop Caring

For the better part of the 2000s, Betsy DeVos has been fighting for education reform. While it may not seem like she has experience, DeVos is the daughter of a public school teacher, and she has been ready to take on the position of US Education Secretary for many years. She started working in the Republican Party when she was young at Calvin College. It was at this small Christian conservative college that she would meet Dick DeVos, and together, they would become a huge political and philanthropic family in West Michigan.


Betsy DeVos always had her eye on becoming an education leader. She worked hard to bring new charter schools to Michigan and create funding opportunities through philanthropy. In fact, it’s estimated that the DeVos Family Foundation, co-founded by Dick and Betsy DeVos, has given over $139 million.


DeVos has other donors on her roster who also believe in her cause. This includes legendary Microsoft founder and owner Bill Gates, as well as Facebook founder and owner Mark Zuckerberg. Both of this tech billionaires have helped Betsy DeVos with her cause, even as she faces a ton of criticism for her policies.


There are many who oppose her stance on educational choice. She is a huge supporter of charter schools and private education. This fact has worried many in public schools who believe that tax dollars will go to private education. However, DeVos refuted this point in a “60 Minutes” interview from 2018. She said that people who don’t believe in educational choice don’t understand what it is, and that she is always trying to put students first.


While it’s clear that not many like her proposals for educational choice, parents and students have benefited from the policy. They are able to get out of failing schools quickly, and they don’t have to send their students to a certain school simply because of their zip codes. Instead, they are able to choose from magnet schools and virtual school programs. These have helped students finally go to a school where they have the right curriculum for their interests.


Still, public school teachers saw that it has led to a lack of funding for public schools, and that if continued, these vouchers could ruin the public school system. DeVos disagrees, but she’s had other stuff on her plate to deal with besides educational choice arguments. She has been working with school security officials to improve the safety of students on campus.


While this has recently led to legislation that will arm teachers in certain states, DeVos has been quiet about other policies that have helped deter criminal activity and gun violence on campus. Most recently, she has warned that bringing more guns to campus isn’t necessarily the safest idea, but teachers will need training to protect students if there is an incident on campus.


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James Dondero

James Dondero is the CO Founder and President of the company called Highland Capital Management that is located in Dallas, Texas. Dondero first founded the company in 1993. The company is a credit market that works as an investment manager and is one of the largest alternative credit managers. There is a vast number of specializations within the company such as credit strategies, collateralized loan obligations, etc. Visit to know more about him.

James Dondero received his Bachelors degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Virginia. For four years he worked with American Express, managing about $1 billion in funds. He then worked with Protective Life’s GIC as a chief investment officer. Within the four years he worked as a chief investment officer he helped the business grow to over $2 billion. Dondero now has over 30 years of experience working with credit markets. He has experience with bonds, bank loans, mortgage backed securities, market debt, stocks and more. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

James Dondero is a hard working man who is not only involved with business but also is a major philanthropist and is an active supporter for community based development projects. Dondero has recently been involved with a major project, the re-establishment of hippos at the Dallas Zoo. It had been a long 15 year since there were hippos at the zoo and it left many overwhelmed with happiness. In 2001 when the zoo’s famous hippo passed away, the hippo exhibit was abandoned. But James Dondero was able to make a $1 million donation through his investment firm and this helped to construct the exhibit. It is called the Highland Capital Lodge and is 5000 square feet with displays and different views of the hippos and their habitat. This includes an under water view making it possible to see a 3000 pound submersed ‘river horse’ in a 120,000 gallon African waterhole. Bringing the hippo exhibit back has caused an increase in the number of daily visitors. There are now two jovial hippos that were brought in from different parks with a smooth transition to their new home. Dondero made it possible with the donation from his company to have these majestic beauties brought back to the zoo.


Ryan Seacrest’s Family Not Pressuring Him To Get Married And Have Kids

Ryan Seacrest is happy that his parents are not pressuring him to settle down and marry his girlfriend. He is currently dating a woman named Shayna Taylor. He loves her very much, but he is does not want to officially “get married.” Ryan Seacrest says that the reason why his family isn’t pressuring him is because of the fact that his sister, Meredith, is having a baby.

Currently, Ryan Seacrest is 43 years old. In our society, people get judged negatively if they are not married and/or do not have kids by the time they are in their thirties and forties. Sometimes, even people in the twenties get judged. Parents, other relatives and friends frequently judge and pressure those close to them to get hitched and/or have kids. In our modern society, childlessness and not being married are two conditions that are not judged as harshly as they once were. However, people who choose to be single and/or unmarried and/or childless are still judged to a very noticeable extent.

Ryan Seacrest looks young, but he is not in that age bracket where some people may judge him harshly for being childless and not married. However, it is really no one’s business what Ryan Seacrest chooses to do with his life. In fact, it is really no one’s business to judge or disrespect anyone who chooses to remain childless and/or single and/or unmarried.

Ryan Seacrest has been the host of a number of shows, including Live With Kelly And Ryan, On Air With Ryan and American Idol. Some people who are judgmental may say in a resentful way, “Oh, he focused on his career instead of having kids. He’s a bad person.” First off, again, it is none of anyone’s business what anyone else does with his/her life. Secondly, Ryan Seacrest may have had the opportunity to get married and have kids while having his career. Perhaps he has/had the opportunity to do that, but just didn’t choose to.