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A Focus On The Authorship Requirements On Oncotarget

Oncotarget is an online weekly journal that publishes peer-reviewed research papers on oncology and other fields like pathology, aging, immunology, and physiology. The rapid publication of scientific research ensures wide readership, encouraging researchers to focus on developing therapies that can be of great help to patients. The impact of a given research is maximized through constructive and punctual peer review of the articles by several reviewers. Research that goes beyond oncology has helped in eliminating the boundaries between different specialties of biomedical science. Under the leadership of most prominent scientists like the Mikhail Blagosklonny, oncotarget’s editor-in-chief, writers can submit papers, which are accepted, reviewed and approved for publication. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

Before submitting the research paper, an author has to ensure that the work complies with all requirements. For one to be considered as an author, he/she should have contributed efficiently to the conception and design, data acquisition, analysis and interpretation of data in the research paper. An author must have contributed to the drafting of the article and development of the final copy. Before using any information from third parties, the author must request for their consent. Oncotarget accepts group authorship. In such situations, the group will be considered as the author. All members will be required to sign copyright release forms. The names of the members appear in the byline. In addition, the name of the author who will be responsible for the manuscript’s communication is presented as a corresponding author.


Authors should only submit papers whose information is not under consideration or has been published on other platforms. All submitted manuscripts should be original with all copied texts cited accordingly. Any conflict of interest should be revealed to the board of editors on the title page. When a potential conflict of interest is disclosed, notification concerning such a situation is published alongside the article. Authors are guaranteed of the confidentiality of their manuscripts before publication. Editors and reviewers adhere to ethical guidelines that prohibit them from discussing the content of any manuscript under review. Papers undergo unbiased peer-review process. Notably, the identities of reviewers are not disclosed to authors. Writers are also allowed to select or exclude up to five reviewers during submission. Before publication, the editor-in-chief must approve such papers. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

Oncotarget ranked in SCImago’s Top 50 oncology journals

Oncotarget ends the year 2016 ranked in the Top 50 oncology journals, as rated by the SCImago Journal & Country Rank. SCImago develops its publicly available rankings from Scopus data. It ranks journals on each scholarly topic. Oncotarget placed 35th of the 322 oncology journals.

Oncotarget, an open-access multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal, publishes online weekly issues. Its publisher, Impact Journals, says the journal’s ultimate goal is “life without disease.” It tries to help science fulfill that goal by:
– quickly disseminating scientific results,
– providing insightful peer review,
– blurring disciplinary and specialty divides,
– linking the fields of biomedical science,
– fostering application of clinical and basic science in disease control.

Oncotarget’s performance on since its introduction in 2010 encouraged Impact to launch journal sections on topics besides oncology. It opened paper submissions for future sections in the areas of:
– cardiology,
– cell & mol biology,
– endocrinology,
– gerotarget/aging,
– immunology/microbiology,
– metabolism,
– neuropathology/neuroscience,
– pharmacology.
All sections follow the same submission procedures.

The journal features two editors-in-chief, Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail V. Blagosklonny, both doctors at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, NY. Blagosklonny also serves as editor-in-chief of Cell Cycle and as associate editor of Am J Pathology, Autophagy, Cancer Biol Ther, Cancer Res, Cell Death Differ, Int J Cancer, and PLOS ONE. Gudkov co-founded Cleveland BioLabs, Inc. and Tartis, Inc. He focuses his research in the areas of drug discovery, gene discovery, and molecular targets for cancer treatment at

According to BIOXBIO, Oncotarget has an impact factor of 5.008 for 2015/2016 with 10,452 total cites. A journal’s impact factor indicates the frequency of citations of its articles during a given year. A higher impact factor indicates scholarly importance of the journal on Oncotarget received an impact factor of 4.784 in 2011, the first year it was ranked.