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Peter Briger Is A Hard Worker And A Giver

Peter Briger started his college experience at Princeton. This prestigious college is one that many hope to attend and one that this man was able to get into and use to complete his undergrad studies. After his time at Princeton, this man moved on to attend the Wharton School of Business. This University of Pennsylvania school helped him to earn a master’s degree in Business Administration. If it were not for the education that he received as a young man, this man would not have been able to get his career started on the track that he wanted it to be on. Join Linkedin to learn more about Peter Briger’s profile.

Peter Briger spent time working at Goldman, Sachs, and then he moved on to get a job with Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group is an investment company that has always done things in its own way and that was the first large private equity firm to go public. Fortress is an investment firm that is diverse and global in its reach. Fortress is headquartered in New York and it is happy to have Peter Briger as one of its nine hundred employees.

The Forbes 400 is a list that shares the names of some of the best global business professionals. Not everyone can be a part of that list, but Peter Briger is someone who has made his way onto that list. In addition to being a part of that list, this man is someone who is involved in various activities and causes. He is on the board for the Princeton University Investment Company, sharing his knowledge there and helping to make decisions. Peter Briger is also someone who gives to those less fortunate than him, and he is known as a donor to the nonprofit that is Tipping Point. He gives to others because he has found success and has the money needed to change lives.