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Securus Technologies Protecting Officers Working in Dangerous Prisons

I know every day I leave for work at the local prison that I could be the target of an attack from an angry inmate looking to take out their aggression on an officer. Me and my fellow officers will do just about anything to make sure we all leave our shifts unharmed. Over the years I have worked in this facility we have come up with a number of ways to take a proactive approach to maintaining order inside the jail.


To eliminate the flow of potential drugs from getting into the hands of the inmates, we search every visitor that comes into the jail, then we search every inmate before they are able to go back to their cells. To stop the threat of weapons being made or used on others in the prison, we do surprise cell inspections. Many times we can recover items that could have put us all in danger.


This year we were informed by our superiors that Securus Technologies was installing their telephone monitoring system throughout our facility. The LBS software would give us an upper hand now when the inmates were discussing anything concerning violence, drugs, or weapons. Now we could focus our efforts on inspections and searches, while the software scans the calls for any verbiage that could result in violence in the jail.


Securus Technologies CEO Richard Smith says his monitoring systems are already in thousands of prisons, and his staff of over one thousand employees are dedicated to helping make the world a safer place for all to live.


To give you an example as to how effective this new call monitoring system works, already this week we got an alert about an inmate making a weapon in his cell, inmates hiding weapons in the yard, and inmates requesting their family to smuggle in drugs at the visitor center.

Securus Technologies Clamping Down on Drugs in Jails

Drugs in the prison are more dangerous than they are out in the streets in many cases. The reason being in you have such close quarters between inmates and authorities, the inmates outnumber the officers, and many of the inmates have nothing to lose by causing trouble if they are there on an extended sentence. Inmates have the ability to be more violent than usual when they are under the influence, so we have to take extreme measures to try and limit the flow of these drugs into the hands on any inmate.


The efforts that we take to stop the flow of drugs inside the jail start with us clamping down on the interaction between guest and inmate in the visitor center. This is where things can easily e passed from one to another, so we not only warn guests of the trouble they face, we search them and the inmates. We do detailed searches of the inmate cells to make sure nothing is hiding they can use. We have a team that checks letter the inmates receive, and we used to monitor the calls the inmates make.


When Securus Technologies updated the inmate call monitoring system we had been using, our efforts to control drug usage increased. The new monitoring system is in thousands of different jails, and the LBS software allows my team to be able to be in other places while the software is scanning all the calls for specific chatter. The company is based in Dallas and all 1,000 employees are committed to making the world safe for all.


Now if an inmate is trying to ask a family member to sneak in drugs to the jail or they are talking about drug use, we can take immediate action to clamp down on the drug use.


Using the Securus Technologies System to Apprehend Criminals

Regardless the level of crime that a person has committed, these criminals need to be apprehended and brought to justice before they continue their illegal activities. Even after we identify certain suspects, they can be especially troublesome to apprehend because they have a huge network that is working to keep them off the radar while in plain sight. This was the case with two brothers we were desperate to get off the streets.


These two brothers had been in and out of the local correctional facilities numerous times on smaller charges, but these days they were getting involved with more serious crimes like armed robbery and murder. We knew we needed to act fast or someone in our town was going to be the latest victim of these two criminals.


As a police officer, I have access to a number of resources to help collect information on wanted suspects. Although none were panning out, I was about to get some help from the most unlikely source. One of the brothers was caught when an informant tipped us off he was drinking in a bar with his brother. We were able to arrest one, but the other escaped through a bathroom window. The bother who escaped vowed to kill every officer and their family if the brother was not released.


While we knew the brother in jail would not talk to us, we knew he was talking to his brother. Luckily for my team, he was using the Securus Technologies inmate call system complete with the LBS software, alerting us to conversations about the whereabouts of the missing brother. Even though the inmate spoke in coded terms, the software picked up on bits of information that would lead us to the hideout of our suspect and get him reunited with his brother behind bars.

Securus Technology makes it Easier for Inmates and Families to Stay Together

Over the past few years I have come to discover how Securus Technologies help inmates and their families. One of the hardest parts of doing time in prison is not being able to see family members on a regular basis. Many dads, moms, sons and daughters are incarcerated. When they are they usually have a hard time seeing the people that they care about. Securus has invented a new technology that has helped to change this problem.


The Video Visitation App is a great piece of technology that allows inmates to see their families on a consistent basis. This technology uses a video platform that allows an inmate to transmit a video image of themselves directly to a family member’s smartphone. An incarcerated mom can now communicate with her daughter with sight as well as sound.


A trusted person who is related to an inmate just has to download the app from Google Play or the iStore. Once they do they will then register their account and get permission to communicate with an inmate. After prison officials gives them permission they will then be able to talk with the inmate at scheduled visit times.


This is one of the best things about the Video Visitation App. It helps families to stay together without the extra expense or commitment of time. Another hindrance for incarcerated felons and their families has to do with travel time to institutions.


Many families do not have their own reliable transportation to get out to the institution. Sometimes they do not have enough money to consistently make the trip. The video visitation app just makes the whole visitation process easier for everyone.


I am glad that this type of technology is in place. Inmates can definitely use it to improve the quality of their lives and to keep their relationships together while they are in jail. You can find out more about Securus and this technology by visiting their website.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.