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Waiakea Water Compared With Other Premium Waters

Since there has been a lot of exposure of the different water companies and the quality of water they offer, there has been an emergence of premium waters. One of the common things they have is that they offer electrolytes in their water. Some of the waters also have characteristics such as high pH levels. They all claim to offer some major health benefits for people that drink the water. Therefore, people who drink these waters can expect to experience an improvement in their health in many different ways. However, it is important for people to look at the company that is offering the waters to drink.

The different types of waters that are out are Smartwater, Propel, Fiji, Evian, and Waiakea. Smartwater is considered the worst of the bunch because it does not have that much electrolytes. At the same time, the pH level is somewhat low. Propel has a high pH level, but it is artificially created. The waters that seem to be the better choices are Fiji and Evian. They both have been collected from the springs with all of the electrolytes naturally collected from the rocks. Fiji has a pH balance that makes it neutral. Evian is the same.

Perhaps the water that is the best of them all if Waiakea. The Waiakea water pH is clearly at the alkaline level. One of the best things about this type of water is that it comes from the volcanic mountains of Hawaii. Therefore, people are getting volcanic water benefits from Waiakea. This means that they are getting alkaline water with some of the best amounts of electrolytes. Therefore, people can rest assured that they are going to be healthy when they drink this type of water. They do not have to worry about any bad side effects from this type of water.

Amanda Morgan Taylor: Sussex Health Cares Newest CEO

Sussex Health Care is one of the leading nursing homes in the United Kingdom. The facility accommodates seniors who wanted to spend the rest of their lives inside the facility.

Sussex Health Care also offers rehabilitation services for those who have suffered severe injuries, and with the assistance of the dedicated medical staff, patients could heal inside the institution in a short amount of time. Sussex Health Care managed to project itself to become one of the most trustworthy companies in the United Kingdom which offers the best kind of care. The company has been under the leadership of several chief executive officers in the past, and together, they have contributed something to make the company viable and profitable. Recently, Sussex Health Care chose their latest chief executive officer – Amanda Morgan Taylor.


The newest chief executive officer of Sussex Health Care is responsible for keeping the company on the top. They would have to work on the company’s rank and make sure that it is leading against all of its competitors in all of the United Kingdom. Amanda Morgan Taylor started his career in 1984 when she found a job as a service manager. Being a service manager at a very young age helped her develop skills that can be used later on in the industry. She always wanted the best for the companies that she served in the past, and now that she has been working with Sussex Health Care, all she wanted to do is to keep the reputation of the company.

The facility is located dozens of kilometers away from the city center. Most people in the United Kingdom are choosing to stay inside the Sussex Health Care nursing home because of the services offered inside. Trees and plains surround the facility, and it is essential for the speedy recovery of those who will be taken there. The company is also working with professionals who are willing to offer their time to help the patients recover. For the senior tenants at Sussex Health Care, a lot of activities are in store for them. They are being fed with sumptuous foods, and hundreds of activities can be enjoyed by those who are staying inside. Sussex Health Care also employs speech therapists and reflexologists to provide comfort to those who have been injured in the past. Amanda Morgan Taylor wanted to keep the culture inside Sussex Health Care and provide the assistance that their patients need.

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