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Nitin Khanna- A Multifaceted CEO

Nitin Khanna is a dedicated entrepreneur who is the CEO of MergerTech. He is a Portland based businessman who has had a long road to success.

Rihanna was born in Pradesh India, located in the North near the foothills of the Himalayas. Many in his family were entrepreneurs themselves which inspired him. As a boy he spent a lot of time observing businesses like plants and factories.

As a child, Khanna went to the Lawrence school,which is considered one of the best boarding schools in India. The school’s motto is “Never Give In” which undoubtedly influenced his future aspirations.

At age 17, Nitin moved to the USA and attended Purdue University. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering. He also received his Masters degree in the same field.

After completing his education, Khanna was accepted into a Management training program with International Paper. This led him to a job as a manager of a cardboard box plant. After a while however, he grew restless and wanted to move on.

Nitin and his younger brother started Saber Software in 1999 and they spent the next few years growing the business and had good fortune.

Following the disputed Bush-Gore election in 2000,all states were required to modernize their voting systems electronically. Saber won that contract. Saber software became the largest provider of state government software solutions.

After that,the idea of Merger Tech was formed in 2009 with Khanna as the CEO. Merger Tech is an international mergers and acquisitions advisory firm which helps entrepreneurs.

Niten Khanna was the CEO of Cura Cannabis Solutions.a provider of cannabis vape cartridges and oil. He has since relinquished his position as CEO.

 Nitin Khanna has other interests outside the business world. He has helped produce documentary films such as “Terms and Conditions May Apply”. This film examines the world of high tech corporations and privacy concerns for Americans. Another documentary Khanna co-produced is “What Lies Upstream”. This acclaimed film examines poor water quality control practices in the U.S.

Khanna is also a lover of fine wine. Greatly interested in wine making, he has produced his own world class Pinot Noir brand-Four Handle and is greatly involved in the wine making community in Oregon.

Nitin Khanna’s passions inside and outside of work is a balanced life people should admire.

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Nitin Khanna currently works as the CEO of Mergertech, a company that he founded. The company provides entrepreneurs with advice on Mergers and Acquisitions. Nitin Khanna got the idea from the company after realizing that most entrepreneurs wanted to advise on these areas. He was approached by many entrepreneurs to help them during various Mergers, and even Acquisitions and Nitin Khanna decided to open Mergertech. Before becoming CEO at Mergertech, Nitin has worked for multiple industries, including the cannabis industry. He has forged a distinguished career path for himself through years of dedication and hard work.

Nitin Khanna is natively from Himachal Pradesh, a province north of India. He grew up among entrepreneurs and saw a lot of business deals during his childhood. His family had several business enterprises, including a motorcycle parts company. Nitin spent a considerable amount of his childhood at these factories observing what was going on around him. Years later, Nitin Khanna would implement the little that he learned from the companies into his own business. Nitin schooled at a prestigious school in India. The school became the first ever to send students to hike MT. Everest. The school taught a lot to its students and reminded them to never give in through the school motto. Nitin Khanna loved this motto and derived inspiration from it when he was pursuing his aspirations.

Nitin Khanna has a masters and a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Purdue University. The university is located in Indiana and Nitin had to move there at the age of 17. After acquiring his master’s degree, Nitin Khanna decided it was time to dive into the world of business. Nitin worked for, International Paper, Oracle and even a cardboard box industry. He, however, felt he was destined for greater things and left the employment realm to open Saber Software. Nitin Khanna believed that technology businesses were the next big thing and decided to make Saber Software an election software manufacturing company. He co-founded the company with Karan Khanna, his brother. Karan was in the US to pursue an MBA, but Nitin told him it was better to open a business. Saber Software became a prestigious company under the leadership of the two.

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Career Shifts Of Richard Liu

Having a successful career in one field is enough to bring satisfaction and financial security to almost anyone. To be able to say that one has excelled in two very different fields is a remarkable accomplishment. Young professionals strive to hone their skills in one field of discipline in order to secure their future. Richard Liu has been able to hone skills in two very different fields.

Richard Liu was born to two medical professionals. It was reasonable to expect that he would follow in the family footsteps. This is what he did. He developed an interest in dental arts and attended the Harvard school of dentistry. After graduation he took employment with the Evergreen Dental Care group in New Hampshire.

During his time at Evergreen Richard Liu became well known for being a meticuluos, very talented dentist. His core base of patients grew as his skills continued to be perfected. He greatly contributed to the oral health of the entire community. He also took on a position giving lectures at Harvard helping to educate the next generation of dental professionals.

Even though he had acquired a level of success that many strive for, Richard Liu still felt the pull of the financial sector. He was quite interested in investing and how the markets work. He eventually went to Boston College and attained a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. Still wanting to know more he then enrolled at MIT and attained a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Richard Liu went on to a variety of positions within the financial sector. His dedication and persistence eventually led him to opening his own firm. Morningside Venture Capital continues to offer financial and consulting services to a wide spectrum of clients. Richard Liu continues to hone his skills to offer excellent services for his clients.

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A Recap Interview of Rubenstein and Richard Liu

In this modern day of technology, Richard Liu has become a household name in China. He is one of the country’s most influential businessmen. He is recognized for having one of the most successful e-commerce businesses in Asian and the world. Richard Liu is the founder and owner of

Born into a poor family, Mr Liu’s entrepreneurial ventures began even before he graduated from University. He said, it was important to be able to help his parents and his grandmother. His first restaurant went belly-up quickly, but the failed venture did not dishearten Mr. Liu. He always knew that by creating a successful business, he would have enough money to help his family. Upon graduating from Beijing university, he took what he learned and opened a small electronic accessory store. This second venture became a 12 store enterprise. But in 2004, he came across another huge obstacle, the SARS breakout. The illness was a major health catastrophe. Mr. Liu did not want his employees to get sick, so he sent them home. Faced with a huge loss of revenue, Richard Liu and his manager decided to place their inventory online and thus, the first version of came into being.
Today has become the largest e-commerce Venture in China. In a recent interview with David Rubenstein, Richard Neal confessed that his success is largely due to his innovative logistics model, one Amazon later followed to improve their own delivery times. Mr. Liu also said that now has delivery times as fast as 6 hours in Beijing, and a one to two day delivery in the rest of China. is currently the largest e-commerce provider in China and about the size of Amazon in the United States. The company has more than 100,000 employees and over 500 different distribution centers located throughout China. It remains a privately held company with continual growth.

When asked about the future Richard Liu Qiangdong you suggested that his plans are to be the largest e-commerce store in the world. However, he says that it is not his business that he is most proud of, but it is his family.

Liu Qiangdong’s: Twitter.

Blake Mallen Is Challenging The Norm Of Business And Lifestyle

Blake Mallen has created billion-dollar brands while living the life that he was meant to be instead of following the expectations that others had set for him during his life. He realized that he was not living the life that he wanted when he was interning for the office of a District Attorney. One of his friends asked the entrepreneur why he was so determined to be an attorney and Blake Mallen realized that he wasn’t happy with the answer. He wasn’t passionate about it, he was just doing it because it was something that he thought he was “supposed” to be doing. He realized that he wasn’t doing what he wanted to do in life and started a journey that would change things for him forever while inspiring others to take control of their futures. Visit his facebook to learn more about his platforms.

Now, Blake Mallen, the Co-Founder and President of both Liv Global and ViSalus, popular lifestyle brands that are helping people achieve better health, is wanting others to Shift the Script of their own lives to change things for the better. As a millennial, he realized that a lot of his peers were going through a quarter-life crisis and he realized the damage that living on the script and doing what you’re “supposed” to be doing could cause. While Blake Mallen understands that the promises following the script makes can be tempting, he stresses that they usually aren’t anywhere near the reality of what happens.

Blake Mallen changed the direction of his life at 19 when he began living the life that he knew he was meant to live. He never could have predicted just how positively the change would impact him and the lives of others, but he is happy to see people realizing their potential, purpose, and passion. He often speaks at conferences and other events on the subjects of brand building, entrepreneurship, personal growth, and more. In July 2018, his TEDx Talk was uploaded to the TEDx YouTube channel and got the most views out of the videos that were uploaded during that month. He states that he is honored to connect so many people.

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Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum-Recap

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is an orthopaedic surgeon with a great deal of experience. He is known for his operations leadership, innovation design and much more. He is an expert lecturer and has published work on electronic media, process reengineering, and innovation design. He also has extensive knowledge of orthopaedic surgery and joint replacement. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is known for his surgical technique.

Some of Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum’s accomplishments include, serving as Chief of Adult Reconstructive Surgery for the Kaiser Permanente System. He was part of a practice that performed almost 500 operations every year. He also served as a Community Health Editor on WebMD. One very interesting thing about Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is that his patient message board and blogs on joint disease are very popular.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a graduate of Brown University, and graduated from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum was involved in an internship in General Surgery, and then performed a research fellowship in joint aging and cartilage at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Dr. Kirschenbaum also trained at the Rothman Institute, Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, and the Pennsylvania Hospital.

His other accomplishments include developing instruments for knee replacements. He was able to create a cementless hip replacement routine. He made a DVD called Optimizing Techniques in Unicompartmental Knee replacements.

He is still involved in research on partial knee replacements, ceramic hip replacements and more areas of knee replacement. He is also the Executive Director of Medscape Orthopaedics. He is an orthopaedic consultant to Stryker Corporation.

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A Look at the Entrepreneurial Career of Isabel Dos Santos

Owning a business gives an individual some sense of freedom. A professional will also be in a position to build other businesses in the long run. Entrepreneurs make decisions for themselves based on the need to grow their businesses. Isabel Dos Santos is one such individual who has successfully built brands across different industries. She is an Angolan entrepreneur with extensive business management skills.

The Forbes Magazine just released some statement declaring Isabel Dos Santos as the wealthiest woman in Africa. She is also one of the richest in the US. But, Isabel will narrate to you that it was quite challenging to make it in the industry. She says that she encountered several challenges when developing business ideas as well as creating brands in the industry. As such, she also served in the male-dominated sector where most people preferred to high men. Women were stigmatized. She adds that it has always been the norm.

Isabel amassed her fortune by investing in several businesses. She first worked with her father in their native land. She served as a project development manager for Urbana 2000. This was still a role in her father’s jurisdiction. Since 2008, Isabel Dos Santos has dedicated her life to developing various sectors in business. She joined the telecommunications sector, media, energy, in addition to retail. She developed these platforms in Portugal and has since committed to expanding her footprint in different industries. Isabel Dos Santos has also worked in Angola-based firms such as Nova Cimangola where she was the team leader.

In her world, stigma has defined the chances of a woman to get a job in the ever-transitioning sector. On several occasions, many business professionals have hired a male candidate any time she made an offer. She comprehends that African women need to work harder compared to women from other continents in order to earn a living.

Isabel Dos Santos is positive that with the right support from successful business professionals, women of Africa can get more employment opportunities from different executive sectors. Isabel commits most of her time in helping young African entrepreneurs to develop their career.

Isabel dos Santos’s: Twitter.

Todd Levine Is Renowned In His Field Of Law

As an attorney in Florida, Todd Levine has become one of the most esteemed people in his particular field of law, which is complex commercial litigation. By doing this, he no longer has to find clients and instead, they are referred to him by people he has worked with in the past. Becoming known for a particular set of skill in the legal field is something that Todd Levine wishes he would have done earlier in his career as an attorney. Once you have established yourself, clients will be asking for your guidance. Specializing in one certain area can also help you be prepared for what ends up happening in court and beyond as you will be highly familiar with that particular area of law.

While Todd Levine is successful, he is not too proud to admit that he has failed before. When he was a younger attorney, he did not appreciate how many unexpected things that he would come across. Over the years, he learned that he had to try to predict what may come next before getting into legal arguments with someone. By learning to plan ahead, Todd Levine is better able to come up with creative solutions and he is able to think on his feet better. Sometimes failing can’t be avoided, but it’s something that can be learned from if you try and look at where you need improvements.

The work that Todd Levine does an attorney is something that speaks for itself which is why so many of is clients refer people to his practice for their own issues that they are facing with complex commercial litigation. Responding to his clients quickly makes them realize just how important they are to his practice. After all, without them, his practice would fail immediately. He states that he truly cares about his clients as an attorney. His philosophy in business is that his clients always are the one that comes first before anything or anyone else. Preparedness and taking care of your clients are both vital in any part of the law, but especially in complex cases like those he works with.

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Background Information on Investment Guru Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali graduated to the position of investment analyst. Like many voices of authority in the investment world his career started somewhere else. Badiali began as a scientist.

Matt Badaiali has a B.S. in Earth Sciences from Penn State University followed by a Master of Science in geology from Florida Atlantic University. He began his career as an advisor for natural resource companies. Most notably a few big-name oil operations. In 2004, a friend opened his eyes to finance. As a geologist and veteran of the natural resource market Badiali had the expertise necessary to successfully navigate natural resource investments.

What Badiali’s friend wanted was assistance in creating easy investment methods for average investors. Matt Badiali would provide investment advice for natural resource markets. The advice would be designed to effectively communicate with average Americans. For this purpose Badiali writes articles as if writing for his father. His Dad was a source of inspiration as Badiali witnessed him struggle to make investments.

This as a turning point for Matt Badiali. Today he writes two newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing, posts articles on Medium, and shares advice on social media. He treks the world to personally look into resource operations so his information is first-hand. He focuses on all types of commodities such as energy, metals, cannabis, and natural resources. He holds a solid reputation as his readers have often made double-digit to triple-digit returns off his advice.

His newsletters for Banyan are Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profts. Real Wealth Strategist shares his investment projections as was created in 2017. Front Line Profits deals with short-term loan options. In both forms of media, Badiali sets himself apart with a “boots on the ground” approach. So far his travels have taken him to places like Iraq, Peru, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Haiti, Turkey, and Switzerland. He has looked into oil drilling platforms, mining operations, and company headquarters. He tests the soil, vets the total operation, and interviews staff and CEOs.

Matt Badiali is also the face behind the popular freedom checks investment that deals with stateside resource companies. Currently, he is advocated for cannabis futures in response to Canada’s full legalization. Badiali is dedicated to helping average joe’s make good.


Sharon Prince – creator and visionary behind sanctuary Grace Farms

An article from the New York Times describes how Grace Farms came to be and its creator in Sharon Prince. Grace Farms spans across 80 acres in Connecticut as a nonprofit designed by a Japanese firm Sanaa, which has notoriety as a talented architecture company. Grace Farms was built to show off the beauty of nature, be a central hub for people to communicate ideas, have activities such as community gardens, and more. The buildings, like one called The River, which is close to the New York Border, was funded by generous donors. Grace Farms is welcoming to anyone as many have appreciated it for its beauty and spiritual nature. The foundation was built off of Sharon Prince’s vision with specific requests for construction and overall design. The businesswoman is what keeps Grace Farms running.

Sharon Prince is the creator behind Grace Farms, a public space created in 2015 that offers a lot to people through nature, arts, a sense of community, and much more. According to her Crunchbase profile, Prince is the visionary behind Grace Farms and has won awards for its design throughout the years. The businesswoman is engaged with the community, fighting for causes against human trafficking, violence against women, and child exploitation. For example, the individual has co-hosted on these surrounding topics that included one back in 2016 with the United Nations on human trafficking. Her foundation has equally worked with other companies to help stop these modern day issues. Aside from being a part of the community and creating Grace Farms, Sharon Prince is on the board of a charity named Next Generation Nepal that helps children reunite with their families. Prior to creating the Grace Farms Foundation, she was the president of brand 66North and attended the University of Tulsa holding an MBA and bachelors.

Sharon Prince’s: Youtube.