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OSI Group Continues to Expand its Operations

Some people do not think about the source of the food that they buy in supermarkets. Buyers do not consider how the products were made, what was used to make them, and how they were brought to the stores. Customers in a restaurant also do not question the sellers about how the ingredients used were purchased. It is vital for people to know some of the firms that specialize in food production company. One of the companies that have gained global recognition in the industry is OSI Group. The organization started as a sole proprietorship but has now become among the 60 largest private companies in the world.

Some of the factors that have led to its significant growth are high standards of the production process, a strong leadership team, and the values of key stakeholders. OSI Group was initially established as a butchery to provide quality meat products to the German immigrants who were living in the area. The pioneer of the food provider was called Otto. It later expanded and became a wholesaler of meat in Illinois. The founder of the company named it Otto and Sons. The management of OSI partnered with other market players such as McDonald’s and the General Milling Corporation to achieve the company’s growth objectives. Currently, it has more than 20,000 employees in different locations around the globe.

OSI is a recipient of numerous prestigious awards for ensuring safe production mechanisms, promoting employee safety, and adopting environmentally friendly methods. The food provider currently operates in places such as California, Utah, Lowa, and Wisconsin. The management of the organization has developed good business relationships with other food providers such as Papa John’s, Starbucks, and Pizza Hut to supply meat products. OSI Group has strived to diversify its portfolios to meet the needs of their clients. Some of the products that the company offers include pork, vegetables, poultry, and bacon. One of the expansion strategies that OSI Group has adopted is the acquisition of other major food providers. It moved into Europe through several acquisitions. The firm’s management team comprises of Sheldon Lavin as the chief executive officer and David McDonald as the president.

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OSI Group Makes the Burgers that McDonald’s Customers Come to Love

McDonald’s has an estimated 36,000 restaurants located around the world. They serve over 69 million people a day and is a multi-billion-dollar corporation. All McDonald’s restaurants have their menu shipped to them. In other words, nobody prepares the food from scratch inside of the restaurant. Instead, line workers prepare the food according to instructions. Each menu item takes up to 5 minutes to prepare for the customer. The reason why the food can be made so quickly has to do with food preparation.

OSI Group is a food company that has its headquarters in Illinois but has branches located throughout the world. OSI used to be known as Otto and Sons. When Ray Kroc opened the second McDonald’s franchise is Des Plains, Illinois he used this organization to provide the meat. For many years, Otto and Sons (or OSI) helped to define the taste of McDonald’s as most people know it today. That is because they were one of five original meat suppliers for the organization. This homogenous taste has been established at most McDonald’s restaurants.

Gunzburg, Germany is home to an OSI Group location that serves McDonalds in and around the region. This is the largest OSI location within Europe. It is also the first place where OSI set up its operations when it first entered Europe. OSI sort of followed McDonald’s when they located into this area. OSI hasn’t been an official supplier of McDonald’s for a very long time. However, the two organizations have agreements in place which allows the company to provide some of the burgers for some of the customers in Germany. To know more about the company click here.

OSI Group is responsible for playing a critical role in McDonalds history. While they are not solely responsible for the taste that people come to enjoy. Their participation into the franchise has helped to make McDonald’s into what it is today. OSI makes it a point to supply the best beef (and chicken) for McDonald’s burgers and sandwiches. They have a very thorough screening process for their meat, and they ensure that McDonald’s chains get the best meat products possible. OSI will continue to do its best to provide some of the best tasting burgers for the McDonald’s chain.

OSI Industries’ Make-It-Happen Mentality in Food Services

The foodservice industry is gigantic in size thanks to being a vital component of life. This particular industry distributes food through its veins on a daily basis. There are literally thousands of food retailers who depend on food providers, and one of the top food providers on earth is known as OSI Industries. This food processor has eclectic capability because it provides numerous services. When it comes to sheer size, OSI Industries has up to 65 innovative plants that house more than an estimated 20,000 employees. In addition to that, the company has plants in 17 foreign nations, including Poland, Australia, Canada, the UK, Brazil, Japan, India, China, Hungary, Germany and many more nations.

About OSI Industries is an industry unto itself. Its headquarters is located in the beautiful municipality of Aurora, Illinois. Here in the US, OSI has innovative plantsin Utah, Wisconsin, California, Iowa and Illinois. Back in the day, this leading food processor built a plant that specifically catered to McDonald’s. This particular plant only produced beef patties for the affluent hamburger chain in high numbers. From its joint-ventures in the Philippines to its advanced-production lines in Spain, OSI Industries has been able to set a new benchmark of success across the globe.

In China, this food provider has helped to boost the country’s economy, has provided employment opportunities and has up to 10 advanced food processing facilities. Customers/clients can choose from a wide range of foods such as cucumbers, pasta, Tofu, pot roast, bacon bits, chicken fried steak, ribettes, turkeyproducts, chili, soups, pizza, flatbread, panini, onions, tomatoes and other items. Founder Otto Kolschowski would be very proud if he was still around today, but his essence still courses through the food related companies veins to this actual day.

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The OSI Group and McDonald’s Golden Arches

In 1940, the first McDonald’s was launched in California. Today it’s a Global brand with nearly 40 thousand restaurants that serve about 69 million customers daily. In this article, we’ll go behind the scenes and see how the most famous hamburgers are made.

OSI Group McDonalds

With a global output of about 75 burgers a minute McDonald’s needed to find a place to mass produce their burgers and other products. The OSI Group met their needs and a partnership was formed. OSI Group has been there for McDonald’s since its beginning. They were the first company to produces hamburgers for the fast food franchise. When they started out in Europe OSI Group stepped up to meet their needs. Among many of their Factories, OSI Group has a soccer stadium-sized factory in Günzburg Germany where they produce various McDonalds hamburgers. The factory is almost entirely focused on McDonald’s needs.

OSI Group McDonalds: Entering The Factory

Before you even step foot on the premises the smell of beef permeates the air of the surrounding area. Stepping into the production area requires that you wash your hands thoroughly and put on special clothing.

OSI Group McDonalds: Quality

The standards of the meat are very stringent. They don’t allow preservatives. No one is allowed to bring in pens, pencils, loose objects, and/or jewelry. Protective gear must be worn at all times. As soon as meat comes into the factory it gets checked to make sure it meets the quality that’s expected. By the time the beef patties leaves the factory, they will have been quality checked about 40 times.

OSI Group McDonalds: The Process

After passing inspection the meat is put into containers. It’s then minced in blenders and put into another set of containers. A specialized machine takes the meat from the containers and produces about 5 million beef patties a day. They randomly select several beef patties to be tested for quality and safety regulations. The beef patties are then frozen, placed in plastic bags, and then boxed for distribution. The beef patties go from the distribution center straight to McDonald’s. Understanding the process that OSI Group McDonald’s uses will make you better appreciate the high quality food that is served to you by the golden arches.


OSI Industries Supplies Its European Customers

Since the OSI Industries started its food manufacturing and processing business in 1909, it remains one of the top food suppliers in the world. The award-winning company opened and bought many branches across the world to ensure efficient supply of products to its customers.

The company started its operations as a small butcher shop, which was located in Oakland, Chicago. The business was named Otto & Sons in 1928, and as it continued to rise, it was named OSI Industries in 1975. From supplying meat products to McDonald’s restaurants to providing food products to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and the company has provided many more outlets. It contributed to the opening of more than 45 facilities in 17 countries worldwide to maintain its food market dominance.

In 2012, OSI Industries opened a $ 30 million plant in Ostróda, Poland that produces a maximum of 25,000 tons of beef. The plant supplies the products to Baltic States, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland, Poland, and Sweden. The facility was a replacement for an older one that could not sustain the rise in demand for the company’s products. In Hungary, the company revamped a facility at the cost of $ 25 million by expanding its production and storage capacities. The plant, which supplies 16 European countries with chicken, can now produce 15,000 tons more on top of the initial production. Ironically, Hungary takes only five percent of the products.

OSI Industries collaborated with the Edeka, the largest grocery supermarket in Germany in 2103. To facilitate its employees to produce highly customized products, the company opened centers in Eastern China, Germany and the United States of America for doing research and development. After that, OSI collaborated with Creative Foods formerly Flagship Europe after opening an office in Southern Germany. Flagship specialized with dips, mayonnaise, poultry, and sauces, and its primary customers were the British. The merger significantly boosted the supplies of OSI to the European market. The group bought Baho Foods the makers of deli products and snacks to cover the European market. The company has subsidiaries in eighteen countries across Europe and its processing plants are located in the Netherlands and Germany. These are, Henri van de Bilt, Gelderland Frischwaren, Q Smart Life Bakx Foods, and Vital Convenience.

OSI growth and success has been thrived by good leadership and management skills. Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald are among the great leaders. They have made a legacy for this company.

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The successful journey of OSI Food Solutions in becoming a world leader in the food industry

Over the years, the food industry has undergone a significant transformation that has ensured production and processing of quality food for consumption. Companies have merged across the globe offering quality food supplies with high safety standards. OSI Food Solutions is one of the oldest food processing firms in the United States of America. The history of the firm dates back to 1909 during the migration of Germans into the United States of America. The company started from humble beginnings as a food distribution and processing firm in Illinois, Chicago and later partnered with other companies and restaurants. Due to its unwavering core value of high-quality products, the firm has been able to attract a good number of companies across the world that has boosted its operations.

OSI Food Solutions prides itself on the development, production, and distribution of custom food products and solutions worldwide. The company has established some core values that help in guiding it towards customer satisfaction. Here, the firm focuses on Custom food solutions, Efficient and trustworthy supply chain, Exceptional culinary skill and global flavor knowledge and Unsurpassed food safety and quality assurance practices among others. The company focuses on the establishment and explores innovative solutions to ensure customer needs are guaranteed. Working together as a team has been the driving force towards the success story of the company towards making new partnerships and collaborations.

Due to the increased quality assurance and supply chain, the company has opened branches in some of the leading European markets. Recently, OSI Food Solutions received a standing ovation from the United Kingdom. The company received a Globe of Honour Award for 2016 from the British Safety Council. The company received the award for playing a vital role in the management of environmental risks. Through its good environmental solutions, the firm has been placed on the global limelight of being among the 18 organizations globally to ever receive the award. The award is pegged on many indicators that culminate in the picking of a specific company to be crowned. OSI Food Solutions was established by the Otto Kolschowsky, and the family lineage has continued maintaining and carrying the brand across many generations.