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Christopher Linkas’ Advice to Young People

Young people are the future of any nation. A country that has empowered young people is set to experience growth when these fresh people become aged and get into leadership positions. In an ideal world, people should start enjoying life once they complete their studying. However, this is not usually the case in many instances. Many problems affect the youths and if they are not handled at an early stage, they lead to compromising their future. Some of the difficulties that the youth undergo as they try to fit into the world include the following:


  1. Financial Illiteracy. It is common gospel among the youths that education is the key to all the good avenues of life. However, in this era of the massive unemployment rate, this statement sounds so farfetched than it was in the past years. Lack of knowledge on how to handle the different financial situations that one finds himself in is a glaring issue among the youths. They do not know how to handle bills, savings, and personal development. Chris Linkas, a financial expert, advises that the youths should do anything that they can to ensure that they get this invaluable information. This will greatly aid in overwriting the unproven imaginations that young people usually have about the future.


  1. Repayment of Student Loans. These days, education is becoming more expensive than before. Students are having to take loans to survive the large amounts of school fees that are charged as well as keeping up with the high living standards. However, these loans end up becoming a thorn in the fresh to most of them when it comes to repayment. This is primarily because after completion of school young people earn very little amounts due to lack of experience. This meager amount is supposed to pay for the individual’s bills as well as pay the loan. Chris Linkas believes that having a debt management strategy is something that everyone should have a way of learning.


Chris Linkas is a financial expert who has worked in this field for more than 25 years. He has worked with various reputable firms, and this makes him very knowledgeable in matters of investments.

Role of Graham Edwards at Telereal Trillium

Telereal Trillium, a property company in Nottingham, is stepping up its chief executive Graham Edwards to be the new chairman. The company was founded in the year 2001, and Graham Edwards has been the chief executive and as appointed chairman. When the Graham Edwards resume the office as the chairman of the Telereal, his position will be replaced by the Russell Gurnhill who was the former joint managing director.


Moreover, Adam Dakin who served as a joint managing director will be given new duties in his role for new business and services. There are others that will not be changed from their functions such as Graeme Hunter since he will still proceed to be responsible for all the matters pertaining property of Telereal Trillium Company. Michael Hackenbroch will as well remain to be the financial director overseen the financial services.


Also, the headquarters of the company is in London, and it is partnering with BT, Royal Mail, DVLA, and Aviva. The remarks from the Graham Edwards indicates that the restructuring process was timely and for the benefits of the company. Moreover, the team since it is well experienced will deliver quality and better services to clients as it keeps its property portfolio.


Graham Edwards has been serving at the Telereal Trillium as its CEO since it was created in the year 2001. The most significant aspect of the company is that it has been providing the services to clients in the UK by influencing the property market. There are so many achievements from Graham Edwards more so in the company where the partnership deals make the Telereal have the best deals.

Besides working at the Telereal Trillium, he has worked with Castle Water as the CEO. Castle Water is at the top peak in the market of UK as the water retailer company. When Graham Edwards is not in his professional career, he enjoys playing tennis, skiing and also make some investments since he is an expert in that area. Therefore, the appointment of Graham Edwards from the CEO of the Telereal Trillium to the chairmanship of the company will be impactful since he is skilled for the job.