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Smita Shah, President of SPAAN Tech Inc.

Smita Shah is an engineer by profession with a license in multiple states and has extensive business education and engineering from Oxford University, MIT and Northwestern University. She is an influential business pacesetter and a high profile speaker often quoted in national international and local media.


Ms. Shah has received several business achievement awards. She has served under the administration of White House and on board of directors in leading organizations and businesses. SPAAN Tech Inc was founded by Miss Shah in 1948, an engineering company which gives substitute solutions for difficult technical projects.


Ms. Shah is a bold visionary who has built a recognized award-winning business by Inc Magazine. It was acknowledged as one of those companies with very fast growth. She has also been acknowledged for her commitment in strengthening international partnerships and got awarded the recognized Medal of Honor by Ellis Island.


Instead of being comfortable with her success, Smita Shah has committed her time to give help to her fellow women to experience a similar kind of success in masculine careers. She has turned it to her life’s ambition to instruct up-and-coming women entrepreneurs whenever she is able.


Miss Shah says that the greatest impediment that women face at the workplace is connected to poor self-image. Because there is a lack of female role models who exhibit power in the business world, women are not able to view themselves as successful and strong.


According to shah the beginning of success for a female entrepreneur is to have a shift in self-image; however, this shift comes by encountering a successful and strong woman that has conquered the business world on her own.


Shah puts it that women are not represented in the highest positions in the business. In her view, it takes only the ability and dedication to be a top female entrepreneur. Nonetheless, talent has no gender, and if you’ve got a skill in any field, Miss Shah has some direct tips to help you achieve the success you desire. Learn more:


  • Believe in yourself- Smita Shah strongly believes it is important for female entrepreneurs to acquire healthy self-image.
  • Examine your abilities thoroughly- when asked about the obstacles a female entrepreneur should overcome, Smita said, to believe in your abilities is of much importance as having confidence in your inborn worth
  • Exerting a strong presence- In the business world, how you present yourself matters. Shah brings to our knowledge that first impressions are impossible to overcome.
  • Don’t agree with female stereotypes- Don’t accept preferred treatment simply because you’re a female and neither offers special conduct to the men that are around you.

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Why Vijay Eswaran is Successful in Business Without Abandoning His Principles

Many years ago, Vijay Eswaran established his first business. When starting this journey, the business executive did not know that one day, he would become one of the wealthiest and most successful entrepreneurs in the world. QI Group is a globally recognized institution that has invested in a wide range of departments. The company has investments in education, finance, technology, hospitality and many others. The direct selling company is one of the best and most profitable, reaching out to customers all over the world. When starting this institution, Vijay Eswaran says that he envisioned being the president of an institution that would make direct sales and use the internet to change lives. Women are the greatest beneficiaries of the platform. Because they tend to stay home and take care of their families, they can make sales from the company and still attend to their home duties. Direct selling is not a common business model, but it has worked perfectly for the global entrepreneur. Vijay Eswaran motivates his sales agents all the time, urging them to focus on giving the customers the best.

The process of starting the QI Group was complicated. After a meeting with partners, Vijay Eswaran decided that they had to introduce something different that would make him unique in the market. The first idea was dealing with precious metals that were on high demand in the European market. The team got the license to sell the countries in this region. However, due to poor preparations, the business failed. After trying out many business ideas, the successful executives came up with the best business deals. In modern times, Vijay Eswaran asks young professionals to focus on diversification so that they can select the most profitable ventures. The challenges in technology times require people to think outside the box. Trying out various businesses is the only way to know what works for you.

Blake Mallen Is Challenging The Norm Of Business And Lifestyle

Blake Mallen has created billion-dollar brands while living the life that he was meant to be instead of following the expectations that others had set for him during his life. He realized that he was not living the life that he wanted when he was interning for the office of a District Attorney. One of his friends asked the entrepreneur why he was so determined to be an attorney and Blake Mallen realized that he wasn’t happy with the answer. He wasn’t passionate about it, he was just doing it because it was something that he thought he was “supposed” to be doing. He realized that he wasn’t doing what he wanted to do in life and started a journey that would change things for him forever while inspiring others to take control of their futures. Visit his facebook to learn more about his platforms.

Now, Blake Mallen, the Co-Founder and President of both Liv Global and ViSalus, popular lifestyle brands that are helping people achieve better health, is wanting others to Shift the Script of their own lives to change things for the better. As a millennial, he realized that a lot of his peers were going through a quarter-life crisis and he realized the damage that living on the script and doing what you’re “supposed” to be doing could cause. While Blake Mallen understands that the promises following the script makes can be tempting, he stresses that they usually aren’t anywhere near the reality of what happens.

Blake Mallen changed the direction of his life at 19 when he began living the life that he knew he was meant to live. He never could have predicted just how positively the change would impact him and the lives of others, but he is happy to see people realizing their potential, purpose, and passion. He often speaks at conferences and other events on the subjects of brand building, entrepreneurship, personal growth, and more. In July 2018, his TEDx Talk was uploaded to the TEDx YouTube channel and got the most views out of the videos that were uploaded during that month. He states that he is honored to connect so many people.

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Jeunesse Global Recognized as Top Workplace

As reported recently by Business Wire, Jeunesse Global was recognized by Direct Selling News as one of the best places to work in 2019 among direct selling companies. Jeunesse Global is one of the leading youth enhancement companies in the world and sells beauty and lifestyle products to adults of all ages. This is the third year that Jeunesse Global was named one of the best companies to work for based on evaluations from its own employees. The executives at Jeunesse Global take great pride in this honor because it is a testament to the positive company culture and team-oriented approach that leaders of Jeunesse Global have been committed to developing since its beginnings. 

Scott Lewis, the Chief Visionary Officer of Jeunesse Global, said that creating a family-focused environment at Jeunesse Global has been a top priority of his ever since he took over as a company executive. His efforts at maintaining a healthy balance for all Jeunesse Global employees and direct selling representatives have certainly paid off because company employees have glowing things to say about their experience working for Jeunesse Global. 

When it comes to providing employees with the benefits and resources to keep a healthy work/life balance, Jeunesse Global has created a new gold standard among direct selling companies. For example, one of the perks that Jeunesse Global employees enjoy is unlimited paid time off, health and fitness support groups, achievement incentive programs, local employee bonding trips and activities, exercise classes on site, a corporate gym and travel programs. 

One of the strongest reasons why Jeunesse Global has been so dominant on an international scale in the direct selling world is that its dedicated selling representatives truly believe in the youth enhancement products that they are selling. This makes it easier for potential customers to learn more about the lifestyle and beauty products that Jeunesse Global has to offer. The product that Jeunesse Global has developed for universal use are designed to be combined and customized for each individual user to support their nutrition, weight loss, exercise, skincare, hydration, energy, mental health and sleep cycle goals.

Marc Beer Has Consistently Contributed To His Industry And He Continues On This Path:

Founding a company that grows quickly and attains a reputation for excellence within its industry is
something that all entrepreneurs strive for. It is even more impressive when an entrepreneur can
repeat this process more than once. Marc Beer is an example of this type of entrepreneur. He has
enjoyed success with many startup firms and has become a recognized leader in today’s
pharmaceutical and medical technology industry. He kicked off the Renovia company in 2016 after
teaming up with two outstanding business partners. These partners are Dr. Ray Iglesias, a qualified
surgeon, and Yolanda Lorié. Together, these three entrepreneurs have been making major
headway in improving the treatment methods for the condition of women’s pelvic floor disorders.
The company has been a quick success, but it is far from being the first time that Marc Beer has
experienced success within this industry.
Marc Beer began developing his business background during the Miami University studies in the
1980s. He graduated from the school in 1987 after earning a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of
business. It is also accurate to say that he has always possessed a great deal of person talent as a
businessman. Both of these factors helped to set him up well for the business career that he has
pursued. He soon became involved in the pharmaceutical sector when he found work in sales. He
rose to the position of VP for the Global Marketing Division at Genzyme. During his tenure with the
firm, he helped it to grow and created a much wider awareness of the product line. Marc Beer also
helped a lot of patients out with the work he accomplished at Genzyme. The company’s unique
product line was helpful to a large segment of patients that were traditionally underserved by the
medical profession.
2000 was another one of those banner years for Marc Beer and another defining moment of his
career. During that year, he founded a company called ViaCell. The biotechnology company grew
quickly. By 2005, Marc Beer took the company public and by 2007, the firm had grown to some
300 individuals. The success of ViaCell was so profound that Marc was able to sell the firm for a
major profit in 2007. He ended up attaining a $300 million price tag for the firm that he had
founded only seven years prior.

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2016 marked the launch of another career-defining company founding with Marc Beer’s
involvement as a co-founder with Renovia. Within two years of founding the firm, Renovia already
received FDA approval for its debut product. Marc also brought in a significant amount of Series B
capital that continues to serve the firm in its goals to develop more important products. This
accomplishment was yet another example of the ability that Marc Beer has to make things happen.

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Marc Beer’s Accomplishments

Marc Beer holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business from Miami University. He studied the course in 1987, which paved the way to his lucrative career due to the skills and knowledge that he got. He is a problem solver to many challenges and issues that his company experiences from time to time. Put, Marc Beer is proficient in marketing pharmaceutical products. As an entrepreneur, he is a master of selling the items in a strategic way to attract customers. His work is remarkable since he dedicates time in helping out those who need the treatment the most.

In 2000, Marc Beer started to climb the career path by establishing the ViaCell Company. It was a biotechnology organization that thrived and gave jobs to more than 300 people. Its specialty was collecting stem cells from the umbilical cord and using them to treat various body ailments. By 2007, he sold the venture to PerkinElmer at a price worth $300 million. It was the peak of his accomplishments since he had nurtured many people and succeeded business-wise. His net worth has grown over the years, making him a prominent entrepreneur.

The crowning moment that Marc Beer experienced was being the chairman, co-founder, and CEO of Renovia. Together with Yolanda Lorie, and Dr.Iglesias, they formed Renovia which assists women with pelvic floor diseases. They came up with machines that diagnosed and treated the ailments. He mainly saw the need to eradicate such disorders since they affected about 25% of the women in the United States, yet it was costly. In 2018, his efforts came to pass since the company saw the inception of Leva. It is a system that strengthens and trains muscles on the pelvic floor. Thanks to health care investors, the project was successful, and the FDA approved the product.

Marc Beer is good at working with other people by instilling practical expertise with them. He focuses on their capabilities and the organizational structure to acquire excellence. Efficiency and effectiveness are also essential when it comes to resource utilization. He ensures that they set goals so that it can be crystal clear what exactly they will achieve. Fund allocation is also crucial so that the outcome will be positive. Furthermore, he offers pieces of advice to other business owners across the world. 

In terms of philanthropy, Marc Beer is on the boat and has made significant contributions to society. He is a board member in the Joe Andruzzi Cancer Foundation that gives financial aid to cancer patients and their loved ones. Moreover, he is a member of the Erytech Pharma that assists people who are in strenuous health situations. It is also reflected in his family because since he lost his wife, Marc Beer raises his children with love and care. Learn more:

Meet Richard Liu: He Is The CEO Of

Richard Liu is the CEO of, a very successful e-commerce business that is located in China. He has proved himself to be a leader in the world of e-commerce. Indeed, Richard Liu has had many wins as an entrepreneur, event hough there were some stumbling blocks early in his entrepreneurial life.

Richard Liu had made his life complicated when he only had brick-and-mortar stores because a SARS outbreak hit his business quite hard. Indeed, Liu’s dozen, brick-and-mortar stores that Liu and his investors had ended up opening were all closed a year after the SARS epidemic hit many key areas of China.

The initial idea for getting into retail was to sell retail products, fashion items and electronics. Since Richard Liu and his many other business partners had decided to agree to choose an e-commerce milieu instead of the brick-and-mortar choice, Liu and his company, has prospered.

Liu had noted that he got his first real exposure to the entrepreneurial life when he opened some restaurants. However, the restaurant niche did not work out. He and his business partners decided to go into the world of retail instead. Liu considered getting into the online commerce niche, instead of continuing with selling products in his brick-and-mortar stores in China. He had learned to code as a college student, so he made his business,, a reality.

For Richard Liu, it was a wise choice. Since getting started with many years ago, the company has a net worth of nearly 60 billion dollars. And Richard Liu is noted to be worth approximately 11 billion dollars, which is impressive with the short amount of time that has been in business.

Moreover, Richard Liu had once spent a lot of time honing the computer programming skill set that he had worked on as a student in college. This knowledge was what helped him eventually get up and running.

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Shervin Pishevar: From Free Flowing Information to Value Exchange

Imagine a world where everybody uses crypto. Having the wealth of human history at your fingertips was an impossible dream merely a decade or two ago. What if the world was not just getting faster, but becoming more interconnected in a meaningful way? What if, exchanging real world value could benefit from the Internet revolution?

Growing up has often accompanied the realization that intermediaries are in control of local, regional, and global economies. But, what if this could change? Instead of intermediaries guessing what is needed, direct trades to consumers could match supply with demand in ways that no one could foresee. Removing the type of waste that Shervin Pishevar criticized for weakening economies was no longer the responsibility of performance experts. The highest level of efficiency was built into the system.

Does this seem too good to be true? Does the call to action by Shervin Pishevar and others seem to be wishful thinking? Well, how about the seamless ability for an award-winning author or a human rights leader with little military power communicating with millions of followers without incurring operational costs? This is the impact of a twitter account.

The power behind such transformative change was examined by Shervin Pishevar. It comes from real opportunity devoid of the slowdown associated with intermediaries that offer no value to a system. Shervin Pishevar explained the phenomena as innovation for small business. The freedom to create unencumbered is a right. And it is immensely powerful.

Free flowing information aids creatively. It does so with great power. However, the ability to exchange the ownership rights of assets over digital mediums takes this to a whole other level. Where information is power, assets are resources. Exchanging ownership of assets directly impact plans.

Information allowed the world to see what was possible. Blockchain technology’s application for the exchange of real value is actionable. We no longer wait for airmail delivery of a text. We have Kindles and PDF readers. Imagine never again leaving a location to sign a deal. Not merely signing up to a website, but for all legal document.

Marc Beer Discusses The Business Of Medicine


The world of medicine keeps evolving as more ways to treat different issues are discovered. While there are a lot of scientists and doctors behind these developments, there are also professionals such as Marc Beer who use their abilities to get products to the market after arranging to finance for their development. Marc Beer has been working with different pharmaceutical companies since the 1990s and has been a part of several important medications that changed the lives of the people who needed them.


Currently, Marc Beer holds the position of co-founder as well as Chief Executive Officer for Renovia, a company that focuses on developing products for the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor disorder. There are millions of women around the world who are dealing with pelvic floor disorders and Renovia hopes to be able to improve many of their lives through the products under their development. Pelvic floor disorders are becoming an increasingly big concern to Americans as they look for options to avoid surgery. Learn more:


When Marc Beer was still a child, he developed a fascination with what modern medicine could do for people. Not only could modern medicine helps sick people on an individual basis, but it also could change the future of mankind. This is why he knew he wanted to be involved in the industry at some level. People no longer have to die at an early age because of diseases like cancer and diabetes now that they have developed and approved better treatment options. He helped to found Renovia after being approached b a doctor about the idea and they decided to make it all a reality and started building the company.


While the company may not have turned a profit just yet, Marc Beer says that this is normal for the industry. Renovia is still in a very early stage when it comes to a pharmaceutical business and profit will come later after more products are approved and brought to the market to help the women who have pelvic floor disorders. So far, they have already had 2 successful rounds of funding for the company. Some of the investors from the first round also joined for the second round of funding as well.


One of the toughest things that Marc Beer ever has had to do in his professional life is to let go of certain team members. He is very close with his team and wants to see them all succeed, but sometimes they are just not a good fit for the company that they were working for. It’s important that you have a strong team as well as strong products if you want to make it in the fast-moving world of pharmaceuticals.


Flavio Maluf Recent News

Flavio Maluf Recent News

Flavio Maluf was born in December 1961 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He graduated with mechanical engineering degree from the University of Armando Alvares Penteado. He then started working for Citicorp and later Grandfood Group. However, the desire to do business and the influence of his family made him get into business and he took over the family business in 1997 as the president. The Maluf’s family have a business that had been alive for more than 75years; Eucatex produces vinyl floors, partitioning walls, doors and panels, sheet paints, and wood fiber. Mr. Flavio has invest almost whole his lifetime assets in this company to enable the sustainability of the company projects. The company invests on lands and reforestation somehow more than some time back when reforestation was none of their concern as long as the company gets available woods for the milling to get the company keep going.

Flavio Maluf currently developed an environmental education program from the Eucatex Company, the programs took place with the partnership of Sao Paulo -Bofete that helped with educating the youth on importance of making the environment great with the concepts of emphasizing the importance of managing the forest, and specific trees as raw materials for the company and this seem to attract more populations as the number of people Joining in for education is continuously increasing annually and among them all about a thousand of the educated people are absorbed by the forestry unit of Mr. Flavio’s company, Eucatex directly. This also provide an area to stimulate the economy indirectly accommodating the thousands of the employees that were absorbed.

Recently, a statistic organization of Brazil, IBGE published some data showing that there is an increase in performance of Brazil economy during the late 2017 and early 2018. Even with the increase in the rate of economic growth in Brazil, some slight losses were still showed comparing to the previous year. Mr. Maluf noted that most of agricultural products, sugar canes and maize where significantly less in the months of early previous year 2017 and so he pointed out that the slight increase in economic growth to go on the agricultural products should be maintained constant in every month a year like the coffee harvesting since it is the most product that it’s supply affect the economy at large. Learn More:,a43d3b8280a0300024f4c3365d216bc639hjqqgz.html