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Nitin Khanna- A Multifaceted CEO

Nitin Khanna is a dedicated entrepreneur who is the CEO of MergerTech. He is a Portland based businessman who has had a long road to success.

Rihanna was born in Pradesh India, located in the North near the foothills of the Himalayas. Many in his family were entrepreneurs themselves which inspired him. As a boy he spent a lot of time observing businesses like plants and factories.

As a child, Khanna went to the Lawrence school,which is considered one of the best boarding schools in India. The school’s motto is “Never Give In” which undoubtedly influenced his future aspirations.

At age 17, Nitin moved to the USA and attended Purdue University. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering. He also received his Masters degree in the same field.

After completing his education, Khanna was accepted into a Management training program with International Paper. This led him to a job as a manager of a cardboard box plant. After a while however, he grew restless and wanted to move on.

Nitin and his younger brother started Saber Software in 1999 and they spent the next few years growing the business and had good fortune.

Following the disputed Bush-Gore election in 2000,all states were required to modernize their voting systems electronically. Saber won that contract. Saber software became the largest provider of state government software solutions.

After that,the idea of Merger Tech was formed in 2009 with Khanna as the CEO. Merger Tech is an international mergers and acquisitions advisory firm which helps entrepreneurs.

Niten Khanna was the CEO of Cura Cannabis Solutions.a provider of cannabis vape cartridges and oil. He has since relinquished his position as CEO.

 Nitin Khanna has other interests outside the business world. He has helped produce documentary films such as “Terms and Conditions May Apply”. This film examines the world of high tech corporations and privacy concerns for Americans. Another documentary Khanna co-produced is “What Lies Upstream”. This acclaimed film examines poor water quality control practices in the U.S.

Khanna is also a lover of fine wine. Greatly interested in wine making, he has produced his own world class Pinot Noir brand-Four Handle and is greatly involved in the wine making community in Oregon.

Nitin Khanna’s passions inside and outside of work is a balanced life people should admire.

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James Reese Touches On The Challenges Of Transitioning From The Military To Small Business Owner

James Reese served in the U.S. Army for 25 years. His time was spent serving in Delta Force, the legendary elite special operations force. During his time in service, he was a troop commander and operations officer. He retired as a Lt. Colonel in 2007. During his service, he became a decorated combat leader.

While on his last rotation in the military, James Reese and another soldier came up with the idea of establishing a company. This would come to be known as TigerSwan. A big problem, though, was that they didn’t have any outside capital to get a company up and running. However, they soon found out they qualified for the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) plan. The U.S. government sets aside money for contracts that are awarded to SDVOSB.

To qualify for this plan, the majority of a company needs to be controlled by a disabled veteran. Since James Reese is 80% disabled from his time serving, TigerSwan qualifies as an SDVOSB. He said his motivation in starting TigerSwan was to put veterans and others to work in a way that made the world a better place.

TigerSwan is a company that provides security consulting services, operational risk management, and other services to the military, corporations, law enforcement, and individuals. Based in Apex, North Carolina, it operates globally on behalf of customers in the United States. Founded in 2008, it now has over 300 employees.

When TigerSwan was awarded its first contract with the Department of Defense, James Reese reinvested the profits in it to build the company and hire more people. He says the operational side of TigerSwan is easier for him to lead since it operates similarly to how the military does. As the chief executive officer, he also needs to deal with the business side of TigerSwan. He says that is more difficult but he has a good team of civilians that he trusts to do their jobs. When hiring and expanding as the chief executive officer, he has to take into account budgets and human capital unlike when he was in the military and someone else handled those things.

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Nitin Khanna currently works as the CEO of Mergertech, a company that he founded. The company provides entrepreneurs with advice on Mergers and Acquisitions. Nitin Khanna got the idea from the company after realizing that most entrepreneurs wanted to advise on these areas. He was approached by many entrepreneurs to help them during various Mergers, and even Acquisitions and Nitin Khanna decided to open Mergertech. Before becoming CEO at Mergertech, Nitin has worked for multiple industries, including the cannabis industry. He has forged a distinguished career path for himself through years of dedication and hard work.

Nitin Khanna is natively from Himachal Pradesh, a province north of India. He grew up among entrepreneurs and saw a lot of business deals during his childhood. His family had several business enterprises, including a motorcycle parts company. Nitin spent a considerable amount of his childhood at these factories observing what was going on around him. Years later, Nitin Khanna would implement the little that he learned from the companies into his own business. Nitin schooled at a prestigious school in India. The school became the first ever to send students to hike MT. Everest. The school taught a lot to its students and reminded them to never give in through the school motto. Nitin Khanna loved this motto and derived inspiration from it when he was pursuing his aspirations.

Nitin Khanna has a masters and a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Purdue University. The university is located in Indiana and Nitin had to move there at the age of 17. After acquiring his master’s degree, Nitin Khanna decided it was time to dive into the world of business. Nitin worked for, International Paper, Oracle and even a cardboard box industry. He, however, felt he was destined for greater things and left the employment realm to open Saber Software. Nitin Khanna believed that technology businesses were the next big thing and decided to make Saber Software an election software manufacturing company. He co-founded the company with Karan Khanna, his brother. Karan was in the US to pursue an MBA, but Nitin told him it was better to open a business. Saber Software became a prestigious company under the leadership of the two.

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How Gino Pozzo Has Contributed To Watford Football Club’s Improvement

Gino Pozzo is one of the great names in the soccer arena since he purchased the Watford Football club based in England. Besides having a considerable amount of money for buying a club, Gino has a remarkable leadership talent of leading football clubs to success. He has won a reputation from sports enthusiasts for helping many clubs struggling in the lower division to climb to the top leagues. His expertise comes from the passion for sports and the family background. Giuliana and Gianpaolo Pozzo, his parents, are football fans from Italy. Udinese Calcio football club was one of the clubs led by presidents from Gino mother’s side.

The Pozzo family remains royal to Udinese football club. Although Gino Pozzo spent his earlier days in Udine, Italy, he settled in London after traveling to America and Spain. Gino moved to the United States of America’s Harvard University before heading to Spain after marrying a Catalan. The couple lived in Barcelona for two decades before settling in Vicarage Road, London in 2013 to manage their Watford Football club investment.

During the time he purchased Watford Football club in 2012, the club was struggling financially and in performance. Within the four years since Pozzo took over the club, its performance had improved significantly. The club participated in the Premier League after four years in the lower division. Gino’s happiness made him sell Granada football club majority stale to Jiang Lizhang. The Link International Sports owner spent €37m for the club. Gino took the bold step to have time to manage Udinese and Watford Football clubs.

Since taking over the ownership of Watford football club, he has hired eight coaches and various managers. The reason for changing the club’s management is to keep the race for playing in the Premier League. The clubs that play at the Premier League make high returns from games and other incentives. Gino Pozzo continues to urge the club fans to support the team as it prepares to reach premier league in the future.

Luke Lazarus helps Startup Companies achieve Business Success

Luke Lazarus is an expert in strategic planning and growth management of companies. He runs a successful consulting company based in Melbourne, Australia. He not only helps startup companies achieve business success but helps existing companies grow.

He helps companies by finding the underlying causes that make companies decline and formulates an effective plan to help them overcome their problems and achieve success. Companies of all sizes have benefited from his experience in analyzing markets, assessing the competition and finding the best potential customers for products.

Luke Lazarus grew up in Melbourne, Australia. He earned an MBA from the Melbourne Business School at the young age of 24. He launched and sold four successful businesses before he reached the age of 33. By the age of 35, Luke Lazarus had achieved financial independence.

He then became a consultant and draws up plans to help startup businesses succeed and achieve their goals. He also helps existing floundering companies change their failing strategies to successful ones. His goal is to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams and achieve their goals.

He is brutally honest while pinpointing the flaws in the business strategies of his clients and using analytical skills and detailed planning he plans their journey to business success. He is also an expert at helping startup companies and floundering companies find the capital to finance the company’s goals. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler  and Luke Lazarus | Business

Luke Lazarus has helped many startup companies become IPOs. Once he achieved financial independence, Luke Lazarus decided to use his experience and skills to help other entrepreneurs succeed. Soon he gained the reputation for using hard and rigorous methods to find the weaknesses of the business strategies of his clients and turn them into strengths.

He has a unique meticulous method in helping his clients that strongly emphasizes analysis, systems and emotional connections with both stakeholders and customers. He is realistic about the possibilities of the company’s success.

Luke Lazarus helps them make business plans that attract venture capitalists. These venture capitalists then provide them with the necessary finance to help them achieve their goals.

He asks his clients to make a story about their product and make sure that the product or brand synchronizes with the story created. He also asks them to market the product or brand with an emotional appeal by telling customers how the product or brand will change their lives. He uses his experience to quickly spot what skills and knowledge his clients lack and creates a realistic plan to help them move forward in the right direction towards success.

Luke Lazarus makes startup entrepreneurs take a good hard look at their plans and goals and helps them identify their weaknesses. He then works to develop strategies and create plans that help them make their products and brands appeal to venture capitalists, financiers and, potential customers.

Once he helps his customers get the required capital and effectively market their products, they move forward using a realistic business plan on their journey to attain their goals and to achieve business success.

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