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Doe Deere Takes Explains How She Starts Every Day

Doe Deere is the founder and creative force behind one of the world’s fastest growing makeup company’s, but she recently explained she is always looking to spend some time each morning to free her mind from the digital world that takes up so much of her time each and every day. The Lime Crime founder has spent much of the last few years honing her own morning routine that includes around one hour each morning making sure her makeup is perfect before arriving at her office around noon each morning; there is much more to the morning routine of Doe Deere than just her cosmetics use as the Russian born Los Angeles resident makes sure every aspect of her morning sets her up for a day of creativity.

As a business leader who has made her name selling cosmetics Online and marketing her products through various social media platforms one would expect Doe Deere to spend much of her time each morning on her phone or other mobile devices; however, Doe Deere undergoes something of a digital detox each morning as she looks to free her mind of events of little importance to her day as she monitors an internal Lime Crime messaging system and Instagram as she starts her day.

Doe Deere begins her day with a full glass of water around 8.30 each morning, which is the routine she has developed to ensure she gets at least nine hours sleep each day to maintain her flawless skin. After moving to Los Angeles from New York, Doe Deere realized the need for excellent hydration as the dry atmosphere of California can dry out the skin and have a negative effect on the residents of the state.

The majority of the morning is spent preparing for the day with the two cats owned by Doe Deere as she gets ready for each day with around one hour spent on creating the unique makeup looks Doe Deere has become known for. Although she is not a fan of too much exercise, Doe Deere also enjoys completing a series of stretches as she sets out on each day by loosening up her back with the camel/cat stretch every morning before arriving at the Lime Crime offices each day around noon and remaining there until at least six every evening.

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