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Maarten De Jeu Shares some of the Necessary Qualifications of a Corporate Development Expert

Maarten de Jeu is a prominent Chicago based serial entrepreneur and business consultant with decades of expertise in international business. De Jeu, on a day to day basis, offers startups, multinational companies, and high net worth individuals with strategic business advice. The advice has propelled them to more significant successes in the world of business. De Jeu is a highly learned businessman. He is an alumnus of the University of Oxford where he graduated first in his class. De Jeu, after completing his university education, began a successful career in the world of international business, real estate investment as well as financial services among others. Before venturing into entrepreneurship, De Jeu held senior positions in global companies such as Aviva plc. At Avic he held the position of Director of Strategy and Corporate Development in the North American office and International Strategy Manager at the London based office. Other international firms that De Jeu served include TVDK Management Consultants, Heinz, Sara Lee, and ING among others.

It is in the year 2012 that De Jeu quit formal employment and pursued his passion for entrepreneurship. De Jeu founded SVM Business Advisory that is located in Chicago. The firm focuses on providing consultancy services to top companies such as the Fortune 100 financial services companies and startups, among others. Clients that have sought De Je services have significantly benefited from his deep understanding and in-depth knowledge of the international business world as well as cultural settings. Learn more:

One area that Maarten De Jeu is well versed in is the area of corporate development. Corporate development, according to De Jeu, is an area of business that focuses on making strategic business decisions to expand or restructure businesses. There are several ways through which business can be expanded or restructured, and they include mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, joint venture deals, and divestitures, among others. All business restructuring and expansion plans aim at achieving organizational excellence. Mergers and acquisition is the most common type of corporate development that many businesses adopt when they want to restructure, acquire investors, sell, or purchase another company. Large companies, when undergoing restructuring, often buy small potential companies. Some of the things that large organization looks at in small business they want to acquire include revenue, client base, and appealing cash flows, among others. Corporate development professionals who are tasked with mergers and acquisition before making such a move must first do a careful analysis of the firm that the company wants to invest. Some of the things that professionals assess include risks involved in the merger, among others. Once they have identified a profitable company to invest in, they negotiate the terms of the deal and facilitate the process.

People wishing to pursue a career in the corporate development field must have the following qualification and skills advice Maarten De Jeu. The qualification and skills include investment banking basic accounting knowledge such as preparation of financial statements, and computer skills are also a must, especially Excel and PowerPoint. Also, one will need to have work experience in the field of merger and acquisition and must be an excellent communicator and negotiator. A Bachelor of Science or Business Degree is necessary for the area, and those with an MBA might have an added advantage.

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GPB Global Resources’ Talented Employee Base

GPB Global Resources has demonstrated that they are capable of showing extreme ability even in the hardest of times. It is their continuous need to prove themselves that keeps them at the top of the competitive corporate ladder, and they are glad that competition is so roaring within their walls. The business has seen several ups and downs throughout its lifetime, but it is certainly producing more and more positive effects on the industry every day. International investment is something that the people of GPB Global Resources are emotionally invested in, so it is an unimaginable idea for them to consider not putting all of their effort into something. Because they want people to be inspired by their willingness to always work harder, they have been trying to exercise more strength in the way they manage tasks ahead of them. Learn about GPB Global Resources at

It is often difficult to have the cognizance to be aware of your actions and how they impact others, and those at GPB Global Resources find that this can be especially true with the leaders of the corporate industry. These are the people who are capable of moving mountains with the tip of their finger, so it is concerning to the leaders at GPB Global Resources that they are often so careless with their actions. This was why, they have attested, they wanted to insert themselves into the industry from the start. The creators of the company remember being young and watching the same kind of men in suit who run the corrupt marketing industry today working their way toward the top, and now they believe it is time for change in the field.

Their adaptability will prove to be useful as they make their foray into creating change. This is not a pursuit that is easy for most people to maintain, especially those who struggle with issues of commitment. Unless you are willing to commit yourself to the work you will be doing at GPB Global Resources, it is likely that you will not fit in with the rest of the outstandingly passionate individuals who encompass the corporation’s employee base. For more information about GPB, visit at

Helping People With Talkspace

Talkspace is an online therapy option for people who are struggling with mental illnesses and need therapy, but do not like the thought of being face to face with a therapist.

A lot of times facing a mental issue can be embarrassing. People do not like to admit that they have a problem. They do not like to talk to people about it because they feel that they are being judged. Talkspace allows them to get the help that they need without having to be face to face with someone. They can receive the help that they need through an online chat session.

Read this article at to learn more.

Since being started Talkspace has had quite a few reviews posted on the internet about their services. Some of these reviews and some are not so good just like the reviews for many other businesses. The reviews say things like how down to earth the staff is. They talk about how you feel that you can talk to them about anything that you are facing. The only downfall you really see is the fact that it is an online session so sometimes you may face technical issues.

The reviews also talk about how much the patients love Talkspace because it allows them to talk about anything that is on their mind without being judged. They can get the help that they truly need and deserve without having to stress about it.

Talkspace is kind of a new option for people suffering from mental illnesses, but it is an option that is going to remain around for a pretty long time. More and more people are going to continue to reach out to Talkspace for help. The employees at Talkspace are going to continue to expand the company and try to make it the best that it can be. They hope to change the lives of many other people. Read More:

Smita Shah Rallies Together a New Generation of Women

The world is full of different creatures with shapes and sizes. Even within the same species there
can be variations in terms of gender and individual traits, and these have been the focus of social
barriers over the years. Men and women are similar in more ways than they are different, but the
social upbringing for centuries has said otherwise. Smita Shah is a modern day female activist who
is pushing aside these old mindsets and pushing a new wave of female presence into the world.
The website Gazette Day recently documented her approach in a recent publication.
Smita Shah did not simply stumble into taking this mission, but rather it is the result of the
environment her parents created. As a child Smita Shah was smart and thoughtful to her peers and
those she meet. Her parents valued individual skills over those imparted by society. She took
advantage of this by focusing on developing unrivaled math skills. Once in college, her labor finally
began to bear fruit. Her peers began to respect how talented she had become. At the same time,
Smita Shah was fully prepared to challenge men head on in their domain. She entered the
engineering industry under her personal firm in 1998.
It was by this point when Smita Shah became fully committed to watching her cause become a
reality. She rallied her peers to demonstrate their power and unique positions publicly. This has
given women a much needed confidence boost to step out of the shadow. Smita Shah wants her
fellow women to understand that anything in this world is obtainable. The only obstacle is to
overcome your own mental barriers. An individual can not truly evolve themselves if they aren’t
fully committed on a personal level. Learn more:
Once a job has been secured is when a women has to truly step up their game to the next level.
Smita Shah has a wealth of tips of navigating this tricky period in a women’s career. It first begins
by doing all assignments to the best of one’s ability, then slowly moving up to more advanced
workloads. Smita Shah believes all women should not bite off more than they can chew. The
business industry is brutal even to those who have been there for years. All short term goals
should be the focuses, instead of only having your eyes set on the long game. The road to the top
is obtainable to the select individuates who successfully win over their fellow peers at work.
In the 21st century, women had more status in the world than ever before. Smita Shah has played
an important role in ushering a renewed wave of female talent for the next generation.

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GPB Global Resources: Clinging to the Possibility of Change

With every ounce of passion that GPB Global Resources has been willing to give back to the industry of international investment, they have received some level of returns from the consumer. People can hardly witness their interactions with the field without feeling a sense of inspiration, and this is how they have been able to change the climate of the entire business landscape for good. Many people do not realize just how important it is to be involved in a process that works to make the world better, but those at GPB Global Resources have firsthand experience with just how life-changing this can be. Because of this, they want to pursue this feeling to the ends of the earth. Read more articles at

They are able to create a life out of it, and as far as this goes, there could hardly be a more influential position to make a life out of. This is, in many ways, what drew the original leaders of GPB Global Resources to the field. They knew before they even entered the workplace that they wanted to change the world. It is the desire they have to help others that refuses to allow them to stagnate within their careers, and they are thankful for this source of energy. Not everyone is blessed with the level of ambition required to make a difference in the dealings of the world, but the people at GPB Global Resources seem to be universally capable of doing whatever it takes to create change.

The fact that they are able to do so proves their true level of devotion to their craft, and they will likely have a future within the industry for many years to come. This is part of the reason they are able to remain so focused on their careers. This is what GPB Global Resources expects to do for the rest of their lives, so they are trying to create the best reality from it that they possibly can. It is this pursuit that puts them at such a significant advantage above the rest of the world, and they will cling to this advantage for the entirety of their careers.


Sheldon Lavin – An OSI Legacy He Can Be Proud Of

OSI CEO and Chairman Sheldon Lavin received recognition from India’s World Vision Academy. He accepted the Global Visionary Award in India in 2016. The Global Visionary Award honors people in various fields who have brought their dreams into fruition. The award honors persistence and a steadfast willingness to achieve a goal or dream on a large scale.

For OSI, the award recognized a domestic company that became one of the world’s biggest food production companies. Consider the company operates more than 60 locations and conducts business in 16 countries. OSI operates eight locations in India and offers custom processing of vegetables, meat, and fruit.

Learn about Sheldon Lavin at

The effort to create sustainable food products is what sets OSI apart from other companies. OSI also embraces cutting-edge technology in a major way. The company also conducts extensive research and has two culinary innovation centers. One location is in the United States, and the other is in China. The company also runs a separate research development center in the Chicago metro area. These facilities are critical for the company’s success. OSI places a lot of effort in creating products that lessen the impact on the environment.

OSI Group employs close to 20,000 people around the world. One of the most important accomplishments of Sheldon Lavin is the company culture he was able to create. The entire company is like one big family. This type of culture leads to productivity on a huge scale. It is a culture that Sheldon Lavin personally cultivated.

Another factor that has made the company such a success is its commitment to embrace cutting-edge technology at every step along the way. Technology has also impacted how the company makes decisions. The company’s product line and efficient supply chains are among the company’s most important core aspects. OSI can develop the very best practices that it shares throughout its company supply chain. Sheldon Lavin is now retired, but his legacy lives on.

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The Life and Career of Marc Beer

He has faced a lot of obstacles throughout his career but Marc Beer has never let that stand in the way of his success. In fact, just recently he became the co-founder, chairman and CEO of a new company called Renovia but it was a long and arduous road to get to this point. So how has he managed it? Well, he first enrolled in Miami University in autumn of 1983 with the intention of obtaining a bachelor of science in business degree.

After graduating four years later, he received his first post-academic position working for a company called Abbott where he served as a member of the sales department. After six years in this role, he took a different job working in sales and marketing at a business known as Biostar Inc for about two years.
He then assumed the role of vice president of global marketing at a business called Genzyme where he worked for about four years before becoming the founder and CEO of his own company.
First established in May of 2000 and located in Cambridge, Viacell’s primary goal is to extract the blood stem cells from the umbilical cords of mothers and analyzing these cells to see if they can uncover any cures for various diseases or illnesses people may be suffering from. At one point, the company had over 300 employees working for them and, by the time he decided to sell it to Perkin Elmer in 2007, they were worth more than $300 million just two years after they went public.
Afterwards, he found himself ready to begin his next business venture but, before he could, tragedy struck at home after his wife passed away at 42 of a pulmonary embolism. After the mourning period, he had to step up and become the sole caretaker of his three children. He would pack their lunches, pick them up from school and help them with their schoolwork as per necessary. Two years later, however, his daughter helped him to see that the business world needed him and so, in 2016, he teamed up with Dr. Ray Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie to establish Renovia. The main mission of the company is to develop and produce various medical products to help patients who are suffering from a wide variety of illnesses and diseases.

Learn more:
The company has already had widespread success as they recently had their first product approved by the FDA and they’ve received a $32 million grant to help fund their research and development. They’re currently working on treating pelvic floor disorders which affect up to 25% of females throughout the United States and they hope to continue giving back to the community in the future.

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McDonalds Legendary Producer, OSI Group, has been Chosen to be the Sole Co-producer of Impossible Foods’ Impossible Burger

Rise of the Impossible Burger

Flood gates opened after Impossible Foods debited its Impossible Burger in July 2016 at David Chang’s Momofuku. After the debut, the Impossible Burger was set on a pace of instant growth. The vegan community got behind its cause and quickly began asking for it on their menus. There were hundreds of restaurants, especially fast-food venues, requesting the Impossible Burger. In response to the growing demand Impossible Foods was faced with the challenge to find a co-producer and distributor so it turned to the legendary OSI Group, who in 1955 was chosen by Ray Kroc to be McDonalds sole producer for its burgers. OSI has 100 years of excellent service with an eye for excellence and quality. Millions of customers have recognized its deep commitment to advancing the food packing and distribution sector.

Visit to learn more about David McDonald and its products.

Co-Producer Found

Impossible Foods has entered into a co-production agreement with OSI Group. The group will continue to produce the McDonalds brand burger but has fitted one of their plants in Chicago to design the production facility in Chicago according to teh strict standards set by Impossilbe Foods. the Impossible Foods production facility in Oakland looks forward to having OSI help in the production for Impossible Foods. Shateel Shah, speaking for Impossible Foods, says Impossible Foods is delighted to work with the legendary OSI Group, which has a high standard of excellent and observant to detail. Workers from Impossible Foods will key in at the Chicago Plant and enter the high-security production facility where they will produce the Impossible Burger.

Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods, a Redwood, California based research and food production company (2011) has been producing plant-based alternatives to beef in the hope of providing a healthy alternative for those who prefer an all plant-based product that looks, tastes and “bleeds” like beef. Their one big breakthrough came when they discovered a protein called “heme,” which is responsible for meat tasting like beef and also make the taster to hunger for the beef. The protein is found in many forms in plants. In particular Impossible Foods was able to use the “heme” found in soybeans and mass produce it thru creative reproduction methods. Their research and discovery of soy leghemoglobin “heme” which is the key ingredient in the Impossible Burger were given a “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS)letter from the FDA. FDA is scheduled to verify the use of the soy leghemoglobin “heme”, to be allowed in retail stores in early September.


Luke Lazarus Helps Startups Shape their Future Success

 Making Emotional Connections

What is so difficult about making emotional connections? When we share a message with someone, they may or may not be moved on the same emotional level as we are. Luke Lazarus seeks to advance his ideas about making emotional connections with venture capitalist as well as consumers.

You may have witnessed a consumer making an emotional connection with a product in a store you were shopping. They walk into the store and without asking a question, they immediately find the product hold it, look at it and smile.

Consumer Psychology

They walk to the counter, and within a few seconds, they have paid and are gone. Very rarely do consumes share why they make these emotional connections with a product but they do. Consumer psychologist says because it is making connections of value that are played out in the consumer.

Luke Lazarus, having run four of his businesses, knows the importance of a company making an emotional connection with consumers, but also with a venture capitalist.

Luke Lazarus drills into his startup teams the critical principle of making an emotional connection. If they can make an emotional connection with consumers thru their story, they will establish a foundation for success.

How it’s Done

Stories move people. Just as we were moved by stories as kids when our parents told us of their war stories or other battles they endured for the family. What did we enjoy most about those stores shared with us? Read more: Luke Lazarus | Interview and Luke Lazarus | Business

The places they occurred and the people in the stories? The triumphant highs and the lows of defeat or failure. Life has its ups and downs, and stories capture the flow of life. Luke Lazarus says an emotional connection takes place with a consumer when similar values cross-fertilize so that the consumer shares the benefits in the story.

The amount of the canopy is not just in the Summer canopy that is bought, but also the reason it is used.

The canopy will be used to allow the family and friends to find shelter from the Summer heat. Also, the awning will give friends and family a place to enjoy refreshments in the shade.

And to save the family thousands of dollars from having to build a costly aluminum awning. All these values are also crucial to the consumer. A consumer can identify with the story of the startups business, especially when the mission is to “bring comfort to families while bringing even more joy thru big savings.”

Luke Lazarus Consultancy

Luke Lazarus Consultancy launched in 2013. Since its launch, Luke Lazarus has brought many startups to obtaining investments from Venture Capitalist as well as launching successful IPOs. Lazarus travels across regions of Australia to work with hundreds of startup businesses.

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Maarten De Jeu Helps Teenagers Discover Their Passion For Science Through The Farrell Fellows Internship

Science is an important part of the world that we live in, and the growth of science and technology
within our lies in what has helped us achieve the level of development that we have. Encouraging
future generations is important in this regard because it is the main factor that will lead to future
development. Regularly engaging children in this regard are important and something that
institutions across the country have been trying to encourage. One institution that has made a
significant impact on the lives of children through their programs is the Museum of Science and
Industry. This is one location that believes that children can fall in love with science through
interactive learning and engagement. With this principle in mind, the institution has several
programs that are curated keeping in mind the minds of children and their level of understanding
at different stages.
One of the more prominent programs offered by the institution is the Farrell Fellows internship.
This is a program that is designed to give teenagers an opportunity to work at the Museum and
understand the intricacies behind some of the exhibits. The program is designed to inspire future
generations of scientists and industrialists who will go on to shape the world that we live in.
There is no doubt that the internship has received an incredible amount of attention from various
institutions and companies working within the scientific field. The internship was only made
possible because of the vision and dedication of Maarten De Jeu, who played a prominent role in
the establishment of this internship. Maarten De Jeu is a prominent name in the field of
investments and firmly believes in the power of science and technology. He is of the opinion that
this is something that can benefit us immensely, and the more minds within the field, the better.
He hopes that this internship will give teenagers the encouragement that they need to pursue the
sciences and hopes that this is something that will lead them towards a path of betterment. Learn more:
Education has always been something that Maarten De Jeu firmly believes in, and is something that
he deems to be incredibly important for the development of society as a whole. He is of the firm
opinion that without his own educational qualifications, he would have not been able to reach the
prominent position that he holds within the industry. Currently, Maarten De Jeu stands as the
strategic business advisor behind SVM Business Advisory. This was a company that Maarten De Jeu
founded after spending a considerable amount of time in the industry, and after offering his
services to a wide range of clients over the years. He is a graduate of the prestigious Oxford
University and attained an MBA here, right before he set out to work in the professional sphere.

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