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Flavio Maluf Recent News

Flavio Maluf Recent News

Flavio Maluf was born in December 1961 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He graduated with mechanical engineering degree from the University of Armando Alvares Penteado. He then started working for Citicorp and later Grandfood Group. However, the desire to do business and the influence of his family made him get into business and he took over the family business in 1997 as the president. The Maluf’s family have a business that had been alive for more than 75years; Eucatex produces vinyl floors, partitioning walls, doors and panels, sheet paints, and wood fiber. Mr. Flavio has invest almost whole his lifetime assets in this company to enable the sustainability of the company projects. The company invests on lands and reforestation somehow more than some time back when reforestation was none of their concern as long as the company gets available woods for the milling to get the company keep going.

Flavio Maluf currently developed an environmental education program from the Eucatex Company, the programs took place with the partnership of Sao Paulo -Bofete that helped with educating the youth on importance of making the environment great with the concepts of emphasizing the importance of managing the forest, and specific trees as raw materials for the company and this seem to attract more populations as the number of people Joining in for education is continuously increasing annually and among them all about a thousand of the educated people are absorbed by the forestry unit of Mr. Flavio’s company, Eucatex directly. This also provide an area to stimulate the economy indirectly accommodating the thousands of the employees that were absorbed.

Recently, a statistic organization of Brazil, IBGE published some data showing that there is an increase in performance of Brazil economy during the late 2017 and early 2018. Even with the increase in the rate of economic growth in Brazil, some slight losses were still showed comparing to the previous year. Mr. Maluf noted that most of agricultural products, sugar canes and maize where significantly less in the months of early previous year 2017 and so he pointed out that the slight increase in economic growth to go on the agricultural products should be maintained constant in every month a year like the coffee harvesting since it is the most product that it’s supply affect the economy at large. Learn More:,a43d3b8280a0300024f4c3365d216bc639hjqqgz.html

Igor Cornelsen Tips On Taking Positive Risks

It is said that a wise person makes the change that they want to see in them and the envoroment around rather than wait for people or circumstances to change them. Even so, it is only the bold and the risk takers who take the bold step towards making the changes focusing on what they want to achieve.

Igor cornelsen is one man who is a risk taker. Having started as an engineer, Igor felt that there were some pieces that he could not bring together. That is when he resolved to change his career to economics; a risk that he says he never regret. Today, Mr. Igor is the most sort after an investor in the world.

Mr. Ignor’s success comes from the vast knowledge that he has gained from various professional roles that he held in different firms. He has worked as a manager in a bank and a representative of the most influential firms in America.

Besides, Igor Cornelsen is very careful about the information that he gets from any source. He says that what a person feed themselves with could either lead to the downfall of a company or its rise. For him, he opts to read the tabloids, which are unbiased when it comes to matters to do with investments.

Ignore Cornelsen advice to all investors that whenever anyone is about to venture into new entities, it is always wise to have a big picture regarding the venture. This he says, will help a person to know what to avoid and what they want at the end of it all. He goes further to add that it is always easier to make a sound judgment concerning a venture when you do the research yourself rather than on relying on people to give you information.

Papa Johns CEO Steve Ritchie Says A Shaq Pizza In The Future Could Be Possible

With the NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neil as one of Papa John’s franchisees and board members, CEO Steve Ritchie does not rule out the possibility that he might get his own Shaqeroni pizza someday. According to the energetic CEO who has been tirelessly doing almost everything to revive papa John’s image, the NBA superstar’s favorite pizza is the extra-large one with extra cheese with sausage. The faster that the pizza chain could get their celebrity endorser to pose for an Instagrammable photo and share it on various social media sites, so much the better.

Steve Ritchie recently disclosed that after the close of trading the sales of their international and North America stores in the first quarter dropped by 0.1 percent and 6.9 percent respectively. While there is a decline, the sales in North America shows improvement from the last quarter’s 8.1 percent plummet. Over time, Papa John’s offered new pizza flavors and offered more $6 pizzas.

According to CEO Steve Ritchie, Papa John’s is making small progress on the turnaround. He added that it will take some time to improve brand perception. Despite the issues the company is currently facing, it still got some parties interested. Just recently, activist investor Jeff Smith added a $200 million investment to the company.

Recently, it utilized the alternative to purchase $50 million more worth of Papa John’s stock. At present, Smith is the chairman of Papa John’s who was joined by the NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neil after a new tie-up. In one of his interviews, Papa John CEO Steve Ritchie shared that the NBA Hall of Famer has been in the company’s commissary sharing his ideas.

The CEO added that the NBA superstar has also started his outreach activities to different communities in his desire to help repair the image of the company. According to Steve Ritchie, Shaquille O’Neil is all in for Papa John’s.

Isabel dos Santos, Telecommunications and Beyond

Isabel dos Santos is the name of a renowned businessperson who hails from Angola originally. Angola is a country that’s part of the Southern region of Africa. She in the past was in charge of Unitel’s management matters. Unitel is the country’s biggest telecommunications source currently. The executive is still part of Unitel’s vast management sector as of now. Isabel dos Santos has been involved with the company’s esteemed Board of Directors. She no longer functions as its President. Unitel is equipped with a handful of different shareholders. There are now four of them. They’re all individually equipped with a quarter of the business’ wealth. Other shareholders for the business are Geni, Vitadel, Sonangol and even Oi.

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Isabel dos Santos is the woman who has the most wealth on the African continent presently. Her father is Jose Edouard dos Santos, a man who used to function as the President of Angola. She’s his oldest kid. Jose was the man who was at the top of Angola between the years of 1979 and 2017. This lady’s existence commenced in Baku in Azerbaijan in the spring of 1973. Her mother was Tatiana Kukanova, a woman who came from Russia. Jose encountered Kukanova during his period as a pupil. Jose’s mother and father originated in Sao Tome and Principe, a Gulf of Guinea nation. It’s a Central African island.

Isabel dos Santos went to an educational institution that was called Cobham Hall. It was in the United Kingdom. She went to London, England’s Kings College as well. That’s where she learned all that she could about the universe of electrical engineering. She encountered the man she would marry while at the college. He hailed from a country by the name of Zaire. His name is Sindika Doko. Doko’s father was from a the metropolis of Kinshasa. Doko’s mother came from the Scandinavian nation of Denmark.

Dos Santos devotes a lot of effort to contemplating all sorts of fields. She has done so for many years at this point as well. She puts effort into thinking about energy, finance, retail, telecommunications and even media. Website:

Stream Energy : Philanthropic Company Culture

As the people of Houston Texas where forced to watch as their homes and business were ravaged by the strong winds and waters for Hurricane Harvey, one company was getting ready to deliver aid to the community. Stream Energy, one of the leading providers of energy and other services in the state of Texas in conjunction with their philanthropic branch “Stream Cares” was able to provide many in the community with basic necessities during this difficult time for the city. The act and execution of the aid was a prime textbook example of how corporate philanthropy has become an essential part of a companies ability to create brand recognition and loyalty.

According to WalletHub, Texas is ranked one of the least giving states, a ranking that Stream Energy is fighting to make irrelevant. The incredible projects seen by Stream and its employees have captured the attention of other high-level executives as a means to enhance their own brands with loyalty and protection. It is well known that when a business is involved within the community, any internal scandals that may arise can be better maintained by the company due to brand loyalty.

Stream Energy also promotes a company culture of philanthropy amongst their employees, in fact, many of them volunteering for projects all across the city. A great example of passion projects created by Stream Energy employees is the “Operation Once in a lifetime” initiative. The project involves fundraising in order to provide local veterans and their families with financial support. In addition, Stream Energy employees also donated their time to provide transportation every December to veterans and their families to local restaurants where they can enjoy a great meal consisting of burgers, ribs and other delicious foods. There is no doubt that we have seen the last of Stream and their tireless work to continue new progressive and innovate ways to be apart of the community.