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Andrey Andreev, Eating and Technology

Andrey Andreev is the mastermind who created Badoo. Badoo ranks among the planet’s most celebrated social networks as well. It’s one that zeroes in on the world of dating on the Internet. The primary office for Badoo is in Limassol, Cyprus. He has appeared on Forbes´list like a self made billionaire. Although Limassol is the setting for its main office, it also has presences in Russia, the United Kingdom, America and Malta. Andreev established Badoo in 2006. This Chief Executive Officer makes London in the United Kingdom his residence right now.


Andreev calls himself many things. He calls himself a technology buff. He even calls himself an entrepreneur who has a penchant for setting up companies. He’s presently in charge of all of the professionals at Badoo. Andrey Andreev puts a lot of effort into pinpointing individuals who are capable and devoted. He assists them with the concept of making things come to fruition. Andreev is a vital component in the introduction of connection apps. He has a lot of technology savvy that can be instrumental for all things that involve these apps and how they function.


Andrey Andreev not long ago grew Badoo’s staff. He embraced a number of different sectors that are now part of the Badoo umbrella. These sectors are none other than Lumen, Chappy and, last but certainly not least, Bumble. His zeal for technological components never ever wanes even for half a second. It actually only becomes more intense (Successstory). 


This professional has been working tirelessly and selflessly on Badoo since the spring of 2006. He’s been involved with Lumen since the autumn of 2018 as well. He got involved with Chappy two years before that. He got involved with Bumble two years before that, too. Mamba is yet another major component of Andreev’s illustrious career. He created Mamba in the winter of 2004. 


Andrey Andreev has a lot of proficiency that involves Moscow and Russia in general. He was born in the glittering metropolis of Moscow back in early February of 1974. When Andreev isn’t thinking about all things that involve technology, dating and sizable social media networks, he’s thinking about culinary matters. He adores eating.

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Andrey Andreev Makes Dating Handy

Andrey Andreev has been described as the King of the dating apps. He has developed and runs five innovative and successful dating apps with millions of users across the globe. These dating apps include Chappy, Badoo, Bumble, Mamba and, Huggle. The headquarters of his company is in London with a branch office in Moscow. In 2018 he was included in the Forbes list of billionaires (Wikipedia). 

Andrey Andreev was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. He attended the University of Moscow for a short while and dropped out. He then moved to Spain to start his first company and e-commerce company called Virus. The company ran an online shopping portal where Russian users could purchase computers and accessories. He sold the company and started another company called spylog. The company developed software that tracked visitors to websites. 

In the year 2001, Andrey Andreev left spylog to launch another innovative internet company called Begun. Begun was a contextual advertisement company based on auctioning keywords. Google showed an interest in buoying begun but the deal fell through. In 2004 he started Badoo and online dating site with a computer interface. He launched the company in 2009. 

This visionary saw the future in mobile apps and has now developed five mobile dating apps. He and his team continually work towards including new and innovative functions for their apps so that users find using the apps enjoyable and easy. Andrey is Badoo´s founder. Badoo has become the largest network where users go to meet new people all over the world. Badoo has over 360 million registered users. 

The dating site Mamba is the most popular among dating sites in Russia. Bumble is a dating app that is woman-focused. Besides these dating sites, he enjoys cooking innovative recipes and two Michelin starred restaurants in London list the Sweet Onion Soup ‘Andrei Style’ created by him. So his passions and interests don’t stop at business!! Andrey Andreev has helped millions of users meet a wide range of people across the world with his innovative and user-friendly dating apps. He has been called the mobile cupid for putting finding the special someone at the fingertips of mobile device users across the world. 

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