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Igor Cornelsen’s Banking Career Dissected Briefly

1947 marks the time when Igor Cornelsen was born, and the place was Brazil. Today, his name is well-regarded with regards to his professional field, that of investment banking. Both advice and access to valuable information are things that Cornelsen believes will make aspirants better able to develop the type of strong investment decision-making that he has exemplified himself throughout the wondrous career of his, which has seen him enjoy a great deal more longevity than most of his peer.

The Federal University of Parana was the home location for his academic career, and the field that Igor Cornelsen chose was ultimately economics, although he was originally intending to study another field, engineering. His skill when it came to the calculation of interests made him a force to e reckoned with as a finance-minded man. This was a large part of why he was able to find work with Rio’s Multibanco within a very short amount of time after earning his economics degree.

It didn’t take very many years for Igor Cornelsen to become an integral part of the Multibanco organization, achieving such honors as CEO and board chairman with a stunning rapidity. After a big deal, which saw Multibanco get acquired by one of the most recognizable banking companies around, Bank of America, Unibanco became the new location for Igor’s talents to be utilized.

Later, Libra Bank PLC was his next stop on the banking journey that Igor Cornelsen found himself on for many decades, and then it was Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. All of these institutions valued him highly and gave him great positions. This experience allowed him to have the right knowledge and mindset when it came time to launch Bainbridge Investment. This happened in 1995, and Igor is proudly the owner and founder of this firm. Find out more about Igor Cornelsen:

Stratford Shields Is A Leader In The Finance Industry Whose Organizational Skills Are Second To None

Stratford Shields is an entrepreneur who is able to stay organized because of his ability to stay focused on the important aspects of his business. The needs of his clients are always his top priority, and he understands what he needs to do to deliver what it is they want. Shields has learned to always follow up with his clients, which is something that many modern day entrepreneurs don’t do enough of. Many of his best ideas have come from discovering the struggles that his clients face on a daily basis.

In the past, Stratford Shields has suggested that entrepreneurs would be wise to get back on the horse whenever they get knocked down. Instead of slowing down and getting off course, he feels it is better to keep moving. Shields has admitted that he has been able to grow his business because he truly knows who his potential clients are. This has made it so he hasn’t had to waste a lot of time on people who are not willing to work with a smaller firm. Instead of forcing things and trying to overextend himself, he has learned to do what he does best and to work with those who will appreciate him for it.

Stratford Shields attended Ohio State University and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in history there. He went on to earn his Master of Arts degree in political science as well as his MBA while studying at Columbia University. He has been serving in the municipal finance sector for over two decades and was responsible for a deal at Ohio State that brought in more than $480 million to the college. Bond Buyer named the deal the “Deal of the Year,” and Stratford Shields has since overseen billions of dollars of transactions on behalf of his many clients.