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Career and Life of Boris Ivanov

Boris Ivanov is an international businessman who founded and has brought GPB Resources B.V. to the international limelight since 2011. The also, former Director-General of Gazprom E.P. company, started his career in 1983 when he was working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR. For ten years, Boris equipped himself with a tremendous experience as an international diplomat whose working station was at the Soviet embassy at Washington D.C. He became so much conversant with many global issues that broadened his professional career in the USA and Russia. His work at the embassy ended in 1993 when the Soviet Union collapsed, but he sought another employment in the private sector. Boris was employed as an individual consultant with one of the companies in the North of Russia, but in 1995 he relocated to Moscow, where he became the Vice-President of Unibest Bank: dealing with financial oil and gas projects.

At the start of the new millennium, Boris Ivanov became a co-opted member to the team that was to replenish the Russian Corporation MiG that was undergoing financial challenges. Boris traversed all over the world as the First-Deputy Director-General for Strategy to explore new markets and obtain contracts for the aircraft: which he fortunately succeeded. The company revitalized, and in 2004 he returned to the petroleum business as Gazprombank OJSC’s Chairman Advisor. From 2007 to 2011, Boris Ivanov led Gazprom Exploration and Production International B.V. that sought new projects for Gazprom Group, especially in Africa.

As a leader and manager at GPB Resources B.V., Boris Ivanov employs the best executive leaders who can properly execute the objectives he sets. He always has an ear to his employees and gets strength as a leader when his team is also strong. When forming groups, Boris combines people with varied experiences and skills to complement each other. He dearly values his employees, for they are vital in keeping GPB Global Resources B.V. Whenever he decides, Boris assesses the impact of his decision on the livelihood of the company employees. Boris Ivanov, in his personal life, esteems being with friends and family. He says there is no even monetary equivalent for the time he spends with them. He listens to classical music and is also an ardent football fan. Boris is so philanthropic and supports many charitable initiatives. Read More.