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Betsy DeVos Has Tough Task Ahead in Washington D.C.

There is a tidal wave of change washing over Washington D.C. and Betsy DeVos is leading the charge. Betsy DeVos was handpicked by the highest Republican officials in the United States in order to operate as the Secretary of Education. Chosen for her stance as an outsider activist and proud conservative, Betsy DeVos has been no stranger to the world of education reform. For the better part of the past thirty years, Betsy DeVos has been single-minded in her focus on reforming the public school system. With a special focus on school choice, Betsy DeVos has been one of the largest outsider activists that the education world has seen. Let’s take a closer look at what has made Betsy DeVos such an impressive reformer and activist.


Coming from a small town in Michigan, Betsy DeVos grew up with the core tenets of faith and family at the center of her life. After attending Calvin College and learning about school choice, through the works of Milton Friedman, DeVos would graduate with a reformer mindset. Dedicated to spreading the word of school choice, Betsy DeVos has operated on both state and national-level boards. Betsy DeVos has been closely tied to several nationally prominent foundations that have worked to support legislation in order to embrace school choice. After years of working in this area, DeVos finally gained national notice when she was picked by Donald Trump to work in his cabinet.


As the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos is going to need to do more than just advocate for school reform, she is going to have to lead the charge. DeVos knows that Washington D.C. is as divided as it has been in recent memory. With a political divide that is seemingly insurmountable, DeVos is going to be tested by her colleagues at just about every turn. Fortunately, Betsy DeVos has shown that she is more than willing to go toe-to-toe with her opponents. In fact, you can ask attorney general Mike Cox about her work in the field. Cox calls DeVos determined, steely, and infinitely wise when dealing with political opponents. Her work in Michigan, according to Cox, was something of a legend. When DeVos walks into a room, all eyes shift to her. Having said that, DeVos won’t always be debating her political opponents, she’ll also be debating her colleagues. DeVos has already gone on the record to oppose President Trump on some of his education policies, and she’ll likely continue to do so into the future.


With the 2020 elections always around the corner, Betsy DeVos knows that her time may be limited. If DeVos wants to make her lifelong dream a reality, now is the time to start focusing on lasting change.


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