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Betsy DeVos: Fighting for Better Education Options in America

There is a lot of work that needs to be done to improve the education system in the United States. Currently, there are outlets reporting that European and other developed nations are testing further ahead than students in the United States. This is due to several reasons, but a major reason is that of how the public schools are being managed. They have moved from a model of enriched education to one of efficiency. This model has caused students to lose something in the process that allowed them to remain competitive with their counterparts overseas, individuality.

The individuality of education can go a long way towards comprehension. If something is taught in a way that means something to a particular student they are far more likely to retain that knowledge. The same can be said for most things. Human beings like feeling unique and special. The current way that students are being educated is anything but that. It is understandable because administrators are being put in a position where they need to educate a large number of students with a small number of staff members. Betsy DeVos, the Secretary of Education, believes that there is a better solution staring everyone in the face.


Instead of leaving students enrolled in underperforming public institutions she proposes that parents look into private ones. This would allow children to thrive in an environment that is smaller and more equipped to cater to their individual needs. A child’s individual personality should be considered when undertaking the educational process. For far too long children are being lumped into a category based on their age and the United States is finally suffering for it. Betsy DeVos has made a name for herself as a fighter and an advocate for school choice. In fact, her recent article discussing how she feels about school choice is available through Philanthropy Roundtable.


There are many viable options available to parents you are trying to change the way that their children learn. One option that is cost-effective and hands-on is the option of homeschooling. All many parents fear that they are not qualified to homeschool their own children there are options that would allow them to enroll their children in virtual schools. These virtual schools will allow children to attend class in a virtual environment and complete their tasks at their own pace. This is sometimes an option that is available to parents in lieu of a public school depending on their location. At any rate, Betsy DeVos believes that subscription to such a service will be necessary for the future.


Overall, the goal of Betsy DeVos is to increase the education level of the American public. She wants to solidify the United States as a powerhouse of learning. Her role as Secretary of Education is the one that is multifaceted. It is true that she is head of the public school system but she is also charged with the goal of helping America’s children meet the standards necessary to succeed in life. She will continue to fight for America’s children and better their education options.


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