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Ara Chakerian Elevates Psychiatric Treatment Facility

Ara Chakerian is a Bachelor of Science in Marketing graduate of the Florida State University. At present, he is a philanthropist, an angel investor and an entrepreneur. Being ASC Capital Holdings’ Managing Director, Ara focuses on investing in start-up health care organizations that are engaged in the rehabilitation of the health care system within the United States.

Ara Chakerian has more than twenty years of creating and establishing companies involved in healthcare like TMS Health Solutions, which is a services provider for behavioral health headquartered in California; PipelineRx – a national telepharmacy services provider, and BMC Diagnostics a prominent diagnostic imaging services provider. Check out to know more.

Due to his experience and knowledge in health care, Ara maintains high level positions such as being a partner and Executive Chairman of TMS Health Solutions and PipelineRx, along with being BMC Diagnostics Chief Operating Officer, as well as PSS/World Medical’s Executive Vice President.

Ara Chakerian’s connection with TMS Health Solutions happened when he and a close business partner wanted to expand their involvement and understanding into a new field in health care, which was to construct diagnostic radiology centers for outpatients. It so happened that a long-time service provider acquaintance recommended that they take a look at a particular psychiatry facility for outpatients that is equipped with a machine known as transcranial magnetic stimulation.

As per their investigation, they came to learn that TMS Health Solutions could serve as a corner stone for psychiatric services, which encompasses talk and medication therapy. They were also able to uncover upon talking with Dr. Richard Bermudez, TMS Health Solutions head, that patients suffering from clinical depressive disorders or major depression have a difficult time gaining access to effective psychiatric remedies due to numerous reasons.

To facilitate a better way to provide psychiatric services, Ara Chakerian and his friend – Brad Hummel, decided to allocate time and funds to build a facility for TMS to house the out-patients treatments for individuals with depression. Thus, to better serve the patients, the care facility was constructed in such a way that the patient does not feel like he or she is inside a doctor’s office. Great care was incorporated in the set-up where the treatment rooms of TMS Health Solutions project a relaxed and serene ambiance. You can visit YouTube to see more videos.