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Ara Chackerian: Investor and Entrepreneur

A longtime investor and entrepreneur, Ara Chackrian has made quite the name for himself and his business. He runs TMS Health Solutions along with his co-founder and longtime business partner. Chackerian also acts as managing partner of ASC Capital Holdings. ASC invests in healthcare companies while TMS provides healthcare options for those suffering from depression.

Focusing on Digital Healthcare

When asked about trends that excite him, Ara Chackerian answers that digital healthcare is something he wants to focus on. Digital assisted healthcare apps, in particular, are interesting because they may be able to pick up on pattern changes as a person enters a state of depression. Tracking these trends and analyzing inputted data from the user may help providers discover changes in behavior that they need to offer treatment for immediately.

Strategy for Growing the Business

Ara Chakerian has one simple strategy in mind for keeping his business growing. Education is at the forefront of this strategy. He and his partner believe that by bringing awareness to certain illnesses, troubles in the healthcare industry that revolve around them, and other aspects, they can teach people how to best help by means of research, funding, and educating others to continue the cycle.

Getting His Start

Attending the Florida State University College of Business helped Ara Chakerian gain the interest and desire to delve into the business industry. He quickly founded BMC Diagnostics, and ran that company for more than six years. He then worked as a general partner at ASC Capital Holdings and later became board members of other prominent companies in the healthcare industry. He and has business partner wanted to devote themselves to healthcare work and decided to start TMS Healthcare Solutions.

He is on the board of Mint Medical Education, Juma Ventures, Pipeline Healthcare, and the Hatlen Center for the Blind. Leadership, entrepreneurship, and strategic planning are just a few of his most featured skills that he brings to all his business endeavors. You can visit Google for more.

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