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Ara Chackerian: Healthcare beyond the Practice

Meet the Serial entrepreneur and investor, Ara Chackerian, based in San Francisco, California. Chackerian is also a renowned philanthropist. He has dedicated himself to the development of various missions in the healthcare sectors and environment. Chackerian played a vital role in the construction of healthcare companies such as PipelineRX, BMC Diagnostics, Embion/Provider Links and TMS Health Solutions. He has mostly involved himself in the development of the health sector through the application of technology.


His latest venture, TMS Health Solutions, invested in the trans-cranial magnetic stimulation, a device that will be employed in the treatment of treatment-resistant depression. During the launching of the TMS Health Solutions, the founding partners had the vision to design a care delivery model enabling both the physician and the patient to achieve their desired effects, with the incorporation of a patient-first methodology regarding experience and treatment. Chackerian is ecstatic about digital healthcare. He admits that telemedicine and digital assisted healthcare apps have high potentiality in bringing exceptional value to healthcare as a whole.


According to Ara Chackerian, many first-world countries are worried continuously about healthcare with millions of people depending on medical assistance to fight various diseases for them to live longer. Healthcare costs are increasing in most countries, especially for people with low incomes. The number of wealthy individuals struggling to pay for sufficient medical care is on the rise particularly for ailments that need regular attention. Other countries such as Japan and France have advanced healthcare systems even though their main concern is the source of ample funding. Nations providing free healthcare are concerned about the cost of the services having to deal with uncertainties of whether their national budgets can afford to fund the sector.  For more details you can visit their twitter account.


First-world nations such as Sweden that provide Universal Healthcare have it easier than countries such as America that consider the healthcare issue as a life-and-death situation. The developments in health care, research and technology have led to longer lives and a higher life-expectancy. Chackerian divulges the demerits associated with Universal Health Care such as long waiting periods. Regardless of which the first-world country, health care is relatively adequate although every model of the healthcare systems has a share of advantages and disadvantages.