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Angela Koch Climbed A Mountain To Reach The Peak

Angela Koch has worked hard to get to where she is.

Throughout her life, she has had to deal with difficult situations. Some of these situations were fun and interesting for her. Others were difficult and completely changed the way she approached the world.

Koch has worked at cattle ranches, at pharmacies and even at a Jewish Foundation despite being Christian. Each of these places changed her outlook on life.

They gave her a different perspective that she would not have had otherwise. And it’s this unique perspective that has allowed Koch to become the hard worker that she is.

It has given her the willpower and strength to persevere in the face of adversity.

Only through her experiences was she able to obtain the courage she needed to become the CEO of the U.S. Money Reserve.

Climbing The Mountain

Angela Koch has not led an easy life.

She was a college drop-out with a kid. Her soon to be ex-husband was taking classes and out of a job. She had bills she needed to pay. Her rent was due. She didn’t have the time to stand around.

Angela Koch couldn’t wait for life to happen to her – she needed to take hold of the reins herself. She needed a job and she needed to find one now. And find one she did. Some people might have considered the job she took to be too small but not Koch. There was no such thing as a job too small for her.

At least that is what she thought at first. She soon realized that one job just wasn’t going to cut it. She needed to find a second job if she wanted her kid to eat. Somehow, she did find a second job but even than it was barely enough. At one point in her life, Koch found herself working three jobs just to get by.

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All the while the experience ingrained in her a better understanding of herself. She begun to realize that she was an expert at versatility. No matter what job she took, what position she was assigned or what she even had to do – Angela Koch quickly became an expert at it.

Reaching The Peak

This versatility at being an expert is what let Koch find success in any company she found herself in.

This same track record of success enabled her to quickly climb the ranks of the U.S. Reserve. Even when she finally reached the peak, Koch did not stop there. As the CEO, she has great plans for the company.

Only through the experiences of her life was any of this possible. They have given her a grounding in her thought process that guides every decision that she makes. Her experiences have given her lessons that she has ever followed.

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Angela Koch doesn’t hesitate when making a decision. She decides what she is going to do and she does it. She doesn’t look back.

And when Angela Koch realized where her life was leading her – she knew she wasn’t going to look back either.

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