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A Review Of How Logan Stout Founded IDLife

Logan Stout believes in grabbing every opportunity that comes his way. When the idea of a customized vitamin program was presented to him, he immediately noticed its potential and decided to invest in it. After being interviewed with a reporter from the Fox Business News, a man approached the former athlete. He told Stout about a formula that a certain doctor had developed. The customized vitamin program’s ingredients were naturally and organically derived. Immediately, Logan asked for the doctor’s contact. The two entered into a deal that resulted in the creation of IDNutrition.

After incorporating IDLife, Logan’s life has been transformed. However, he tries hard to keep his to have a regular day. For instance, during weekdays, he wakes up early and starts his day by drinking IDLife Shake, vitamins, and an IDLife Energy drink. Stout prefers reading an actual newspaper to browsing news sites. He also spends a couple of minutes with his twin boys before taking them to school and starting his daily business activities.

Logan Stout Stout loves brainstorming. During his free time, he is always analyzes various ideas and reviews their business potential. When he is convinced that an idea is worth a trial, he presents it to a team that pokes holes and tries to improve it. Stout believes that a brainstorming session can easily transform an idea from bad to good.

As a health and wellness enthusiast, the shrewd entrepreneur is excited by the current trends in the field. The older generations are trying to look younger while the millennials are striving to eat clean and take care of themselves. These trends mean that his investments will continue to operate as going concerns.

About Logan Stout
Stout founded IDLife in May 2014. He serves as the company’s chief executive officer. The health and wellness company leads in the production of personalized nutrition products. IDLife’s products have helped in transforming the lives of millions of people across the globe.

Logan Stout’s visionary leadership has helped IDLife to become a renowned brand in the competitive health and wellness industry. The company was highly ranked in the 2016 list of the 100 Solid Top MLM Companies. Stout is also known for his writing skills. He authored the Stout Advice in 2013. Renowned entrepreneurs, Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran, have endorsed the book.