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A Look at Glenn Schlossberg’s Company: Jump Design Group

Glenn Schlossberg is a guru in the fashion industry and is the founder of Jump Design Group. He founded the company in 1990 out of both passion for the fashion industry, as well as his career because he studied at the New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology.


Glenn Schlossberg has seen the company grow over the years to become experts in the designing and manufacturing of different apparels and this has made the company penetrate into markets it never thought would be possible. To date, Jump Design Group has gained a presence in a number of countries worldwide, and the apparels are sold by a number of renowned retailers such as Zappos and Nordstrom.


Around the mid-last year, Glenn Schlossberg announced that his company would be making an acquisition of Cathy Daniels which is a sportswear brand. In the announcement, Glenn pointed out that Jump Design would be acquiring all Cathy Daniels assets although the brand’s sales team would continue with their work and so would Jerry Passaretti, the president, who would continue with the business but now under the main leadership of Jump Design Group.


The current CEO of Jump Design Group also made a statement during the major announcement, where he pointed out that the acquisition program was not meant to turn companies around, rather the acquisitions are to complement such companies with good marketing strategies as well as equipping them with their huge customer base.


He also highlighted that the company intended to initiate its innovative technology whose aim is to provide customers with the products they need in the fastest means possible, all this to boost the strong foundation that Glenn Schlossberg had set at the beginning of the company.


According to Jump Group’s CEO, the new technology would be implemented in the acquired companies which are actually already successful but would not afford to incorporate the said technology on their own. Jump Design Group’s main vision is to implement the technology and integrate it with the designing processes as well as manufacturing to come up with perfect end products with a reputable brand. Jump Design Group also intends to expand its market into sportswear as well as denim.


Jump Design Group is known for the manufacturing of dresses which are showcased on runways with reputable American Designers. The planned product line expansion has so far been received very well by the company’s designers as this will greatly help the company in positioning itself permanently as an all solutions apparels company. Learn more about Jump Design Group on LinkedIn.